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3 Ways to Make the Workplace Safer

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Over the last century, dangers of all types in the workplace have risen exponentially. From falls and repetitive movement injuries to sexual harassment and shootings, the workplace has become quite the survival training grounds. Where you work doesn’t seem to matter, as well.

While construction sites are more likely to turn out the physical injuries, the office is more likely to turn out the psychological ones. Either way, they are costly to the business and the employee in more ways than one. Below are three ways you can help prevent injuries of all types from creating a bad day for everyone.

Monthly Safety Reviews

One of the most common causes of physical injury in the workplace is simple neglect. Most spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and head injuries could have been prevented with a simple wet floor sign. It is important to have a monthly safety review. This should include every employee, not just those responsible for maintenance. Let’s face it.

Everyone carries some responsibility in this field. Make sure that caution signs are up to date and that the policies that are in place are still relevant. Cover new safety protocol for all employees and make sure that new ones are thoroughly briefed on all workplace dangers and how to handle them should something go wrong.

Eliminate Fear

Fear is a strong emotion and is better known for causing mental and emotional injury, but can create an atmosphere for physical ones, too. With bullying, belittling, and sexual harassment as a mainstay in the workplace, the need for prevention of these types of injuries becomes evident. Do what you can to eliminate fear.

You can start this process from the time you hire an employee. Along with a background check, ask questions about how he/she would handle certain tense situations like being bullied or sexually harassed by a coworker. Also, consider asking about a time they encouraged a fellow colleague to succeed in a time that looked impossible.

Questions like these will help give you an overall view of the mental health of the person applying for the job. Hiring someone with great skill is a good thing, but someone with great skill and a good heart can expand your bottom line and improve the atmosphere of the workplace.

Pre-hiring Physicals

One of the biggest threats to safety in the workplace is the presence of pre-existing physicals problems. Now while you can’t really refuse someone a position based on physical ailments or handicaps, you can make adjustments to the workplace that will make it a safer place for the new worker if you know what their limitations are.

For this cause, a pre-hire physical is a good idea. This way, you and the employee go in knowing what will make the office or site a safer place for them to be and hopefully no one ever gets hurt.

The workplace shouldn’t be a minefield of danger. Use the tips above to reduce the threat to you, your employees, and your business.