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3 Major Benefits of Implementing Policy Management Software at Your Business

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Policy and procedure are equally important for slightly different reasons. Policy sets the stage for how an issue or task is handled, while procedure tells us exactly how to honor the policy. Chances are, your business has given this more than a passing thought. It’s likely that your policy and its associated procedures have evolved with your business. That’s why policy management software is so vital to many.

The Problem: If your company hasn’t yet dealt with a lawsuit, count yourself lucky. It’s very common for even small businesses, and a surprising percentage of these suits come about from employees: potential, current, and former.

In these instances, it’s certain that whoever is reviewing your case will want to take a firm look at your company’s policies and ensure that all relevant parties had access to it. Did you hand out a physical copy? How are you going to demonstrate that you did your best to disseminate policy and procedure? This question alone should send you scrambling toward policy management software.

Three Business Benefits

1. It Saves Time. Do you have a document production manager on hand to update or even create brand-new policy documentation? If so, that’s great. But in either case, dedicated staff or not, Policy Management software offers by far the fastest way to create and update your company manuals.

Software also makes these docs searchable, so no one can claim they couldn’t find the material in question, or that hours had to be spent poring over the pages for a particular bit of relevant information.

2. It’s More Accessible. Who was out sick when you distributed the last update around the office? Did you manage to remember to catch up with them when they returned? There are a million excuses why half of your company didn’t receive or read your latest document.

Instead of sorting through a pile of hard copies, at least half of which are outdated, keep your latest and greatest in policy and procedure all in one place. You can control who edits, who views, and more. There’s no excuse for not being completely abreast of what the current policy entails, and who it applies to. Software can also be of benefit when it comes to gaging your staff’s knowledge of the company policy.

3. It Keeps Your Company Cohesive. One of the primary ways policy management software saves time is by keeping things uniform in terms of style and template. This goes a long way in getting your message across.

Yes, even the style of your document conveys authority and speaks to what level of expectation you have for the company. This kind of consistency and clarity is also helpful in ensuring that policies adhere to, and serve, any regulations your business is subject to.

Even if policy isn’t your biggest concern at the moment, every company looking to go paperless (or just less paper) should check out policy management software. It enables further automation, easier distribution, and even serves as a reliable, supplementary form of data storage for essential employee information. Save time, reduce risk, and keep the team on board with software formulated for the job.

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