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Unique Marketing Materials and Corporate Gift Ideas

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Pens, notepads, day planners, calendars, and keychains are go-to marketing materials and corporate gifts that companies use to keep their name at the forefront of clients’ and potential customers’ minds.

The problem with using one of these go-to items is that everyone else is using them too.

Every once in a while, you’ll see a company get ahead of a trend and offer something different and memorable. While hardly anyone in the early 2000s went home bragging about a pen they received from their insurance company, lots of people created a buzz about the businesses that started giving away branded USB storage devices.

Here are some unique ideas for you to brainstorm with the next time your business is creating marketing materials and corporate gifts.

Branded Coffee Or Tea

Caffeine is the lifeblood of the corporate world. That’s why giving a custom blend of branded coffee or tea is a fun, memorable way to get someone’s attention. Virginia-based company Old Mansion is ahead of the curve in helping businesses create their custom blends of tea and coffee.

While the art of roasting coffee has not changed over the last century, Old Mansion has an immersive process dedicated to modern needs. Custom blends and packaging are available specifically to speak to your customers. Your coffee-loving clients will rejoice, and your brand will be the face that greets them every morning. Old Mansion also offers custom seasoning blends if that’s more your business’s flavor.

Work with a Local Chocolatier

Life might be like a box of chocolates, but failing to think outside the box will get you nowhere with customers. Work with a local chocolatier to get a mold that suits your business. Don’t just think about having something printed with your logo, get creative with the design.

Fitness related businesses may choose to have a chocolate weight or kettlebell crafted to represent what they do, whereas a packaging company might want an actual box made out of chocolate. Never underestimate the power of a consumer’s sweet tooth and the power of being able to put a “support local” label on your brand.

Give the Gift of Life

While flowers may seem like an easy, thoughtless corporate gift, green plants are anything but. Give the gift of office-friendly plants with your company name printed subtly on the pot. If you’re going this route for marketing materials, you can even get kits that allow recipients to plant a seed and grow the plant in their own home or office. While you can no longer have your logo engraved on the plant itself, there are various packaging branding options available.

This is yet another opportunity for you to work with local suppliers and give back to your community while building your brand, which is essential for growing a large business in a small area.

Portable Phone Chargers

Like the USB storage devices of the earlier part of this millennium, portable phone chargers are a functional tool that everyone can use. People are estimated to use their phones for over four hours each day. Nothing is more frustrating to teenagers and business people alike than a dying phone without a charger nearby. A branded portable charger is a way for you to save the day without being in proximity to your clients or potential customers.

The caveat to this approach is finding a reliable, high-quality supplier. While you might spend more by going this route, you’ll avoid the risk of having the product surge and damage someone’s phone.

Be Memorable

These are just four ways to get you started in thinking outside the branding box. Remember, your goal is to be memorable. People remember things that are useful, like the portable phone charger. They remember things that are unique, like custom chocolate and growing plants. More importantly, they remember things that are both, like branded coffee and tea.

Show your customers and clients that you put some thought into what they might want or need and they will put some thought into your business.

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