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Undertaking an MBA as a Parent

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Doing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is notoriously demanding. So it is no surprise that graduates go on to be leaders in global business and head up companies that top the Fortune 500 companies.

If you’re starting your MBA later on, how well does studying for it go with parenting?

The core elements of an MBA include developing managerial skills, learning how to handle demanding clients and leaving your comfort zone to think up new strategies when tried and tested ones stop working.

Learning these skills through an MBA will put graduates in the best position as managers and forward-thinking leaders. However, they are also applicable across various areas, including finance, business, entrepreneurship, the non-profit sector and, arguably, when bringing up children.

If you are a parent and are considering undertaking an MBA, then working out how to balance life with babies while studying will be vital to your success.

Set priorities for the future

Take the time to look at where you hope you and your family will be in five or ten years. Discuss family plans with your partner to ensure that you are all on the same page, as the challenges of returning to study will necessitate the whole family being on board.

Undertaking an MBA is demanding, but it can provide large rewards in terms of job opportunities and salary increase post-graduation. If you know where you want to be, it can help you retain focus and make your time.

Manage your time well

Here’s where being a parent can really come into its own when undertaking an MBA. As a parent, you are used to juggling multiple priorities and having various demands on your time.

You will be used to operating on limited sleep and putting in long days. These experiences are good preparation for the demands that come with studying and parenting simultaneously.

Plan ahead

Make lists of the things you need to achieve and stick to them so that the workload from both of your roles doesn’t become overwhelming. Create a menu plan a week in advance and prepare as much food as you can in big batches to freeze and then easily heat up.


Affordable online MBA programs mean that you can now work flexibly and part-time around any current work and family commitments. Courses that do not charge out-of-state tuition fees for online students offer the chance to gain a valuable business qualification without taking on mountains of debt in the process.

Other costs, such as childcare and family expenses, also need to be considered carefully to ensure completing the full course is possible before commencing.

Although undertaking an MBA while being a parent will be challenging and might not be for everyone, if you have the drive and passion for committing to it, having a young family needs not to be a barrier to success.

Don’t underestimate the strength of showing your children that it takes hard work to pursue dreams but that they are achievable.

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