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IoT Security: How Can I Save My Data?

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There has been a lot of talks and worldwide recognition over the concept of the Internet of Things. But new users always want to know “What is it? How does it work? How is it beneficial to our lives?”

Some of these questions can be left unanswered by others Let this guide educate you on the world of IoT Security. Its a powerful network that will protect your devices not only from untrustworthy hackers but also keep them running properly.

What is IoT Security?

IoT Security is the concept and act of protecting connected devices in the IoT network. Recently, there have been issues regarding IoT devices becoming vulnerable to hackers, and each of these issues must be addressed and fixed quickly.

How is IoT Vulnerable

It’s been proven that there are a few vulnerabilities within the Internet of Things. For example, there are IoT baby monitors that are able to be hacked and manipulated to do a multitude of nefarious activities. These activities include:

  • Change the Camera Settings
  • Monitoring live feeds
  • Authorizing other users to control and remotely view the monitor

Also, wearables such as smartwatches can pose a threat to your security. Hackers use motion detection data from smartwatches to steal the data that you log into each keystroke. In fact, they can use your data from the health tracker apps that you currently use.

What Does IoT Security Do To Help?

At first, IoT Security has been ignored by users internationally. However, this notion has changed after numerous hacks and breaches occurred. Multiple measured have been made to prevent data breaches from your cell phone and other devices. Efforts are made to prevent these major issues before they begin to exist on the internet.

Now IoT manufacturers and security firms are joining the market to protect the IoT world before it becomes unable to control. Research has been made to see if their users can enhance their IoT security through smartphone linking.

Rest assured, there are multiple developments in IoT security daily that are used to combat hackers and device thieves. With IoT security, you can continue to use your devices without the fear or possibility of them being hacked.

What Further Steps Need to Be Made?

There is a huge concern about repositories that store the IoT data. It’s become an attractive target for corporate hackers who are paid thousands of dollars to breach these data systems.

Due to the rising cases of data theft, there have to be more serious efforts made to protect IoT data to ensure the functionality of corporations and businesses and consumer privacy.

There has to be a developed plan to create frequent security updates for all IoT devices. The average consumer will have around 8-10 connected devices in their possession. Having manually installed updates is not a good option; nor is automatic updates as it’s a risky business. IoT security needs the right safeguards set up to stop updating interfaces from creating security holes themselves.

To conclude, the IoT will become an evident part of our lives, and its security has to be addressed by the entire tech community. Doing so will help revolutionize technology and make it more beneficial to our lives as a whole.


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