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Deciding On A Career Path

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Deciding on a career path is not for the faint-hearted. Training and tertiary education come at a cost, with many different career paths to consider. So how do you know you’ve made the right career choice?

There’s no guarantee you’ll get to do exactly what you want, so the starting point is usually to go to university and look for a job when you’re nearing the end of your degree.

This is probably why the statistics for job satisfaction are not encouraging, with most people at some stage during their work-life wish they were doing something else.

The good news is you can change careers if what you start doing isn’t working out for you. Knowing you can get it wrong and do something else should take some of the pressure of getting your first off so you can relax and get into the right mindset.

Getting into the right mindset before you commence your job search will open up many more opportunities not visible when you see the world through a glass half empty, not half full. So how do you feel about location?


Will you relocate for your career?

Being flexible, especially at the outset of your work life, can open doors for you. Inflexibility keeps firmly shut. Going to where the best training and education are and then relocating for the best job is not on everyone’s agenda, so often, career choice comes down to how flexible you are on where you’ll live and work.

Nothing is forever, so while moving to a less desirable area may not inspire, negotiating a finite time in that location with the employer at the outset or, if that’s not advisable, just setting a time frame of how long you’ll remain in that area will make the whole move ordeal more tolerable.

Once you’re in the role and get settled, there’s a chance you’ll be won over too and stay longer than you anticipated.

Business Travel

Most of us love travelling to different places and countries on holiday. However, business travel is not that desired, especially if it’s frequent due to its toll on family and social commitments.

Travelling frequently can also be disruptive to sleep and the body clock. Therefore being willing to do business travel offers up more career choices.

Travelling, as part of your job, is often fully paid for, and while you’re not working, there’s the bonus of sightseeing.

Business travel’s a lot to like if it works well with your lifestyle. It can be lonely, so getting into the right mindset makes a huge difference to the experience.

Travel is undoubtedly rewarding, and when on business, there’s still the time after work to meet new people, experience different cultures, and gain a higher appreciation and tolerance for mankind, which is perfect for your personal development.

Professional Development

As well as personal development, there’s your professional development to consider.

Your career should offer ongoing training and development opportunities but also consider what you can do to further your skillset and value to your chosen industry or profession. Investing in further education is a given today as employers seek more commitment from their hires.

Lack of aspiration and inspiration can result in low or no motivation. Keep inspired by the great work done by others in your industry and engage mentors throughout your career. Mentors offer support and experience. It’s hard to stay focused and not be distracted by the lives of those closest to you, so mentors can help you keep on track and build up your confidence to take action.

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