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Content Marketing trends for 2018

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As we welcome 2018, attentions turn to the year ahead with marketers alike making their predictions of what might be in store within the world of marketing.

Much like other digital disciplines, content marketing is constantly evolving. If you need guidance for your 2018 content marketing strategy, take a look at the eBooks created by Click Consult.

We’ve compiled a list, of what we believe, are the most anticipated content marketing trends for 2018.

More of the micro-influencers

The use of influencers within content marketing will still dominate throughout 2018, while luxury brands have been utilising influencers for a while, many other brands have now begun to incorporate the use of influencers into their content marketing strategy.

The popularity of influencer marketing derives from its ability to deliver advertising in a more authentic way. As brands begin to introduce influencer marketing into their strategy they will turn their attention to the micro-influencer. As the name suggests, micro-influencers have a much smaller social following than that of the ‘key opinion leader’ with millions of followers. Micro-influencer marketing, however, offers ‘regular’ consumers the chance to share their product experiences across their network, building up trust.

Original content is key

The way in which content marketing positions itself is evolving. White papers and blog posts detailing a brands latest acquisition will soon be a thing of the past. Throughout 2018, content marketing will focus on creating interesting content that will entice people to engage with.

Personalisation will become increasingly important

Personalised content is not a new trend to 2018 however, it’s presence will become increasingly important throughout the year. It is said to be key to delivering customer experiences and the more personalised content and experience offered, the more likely it is that a conversion will be made.

When users enter a landing page and enter information such as name and email address in return for a downloadable resource, not only will the help of personalised data provide the user with a greeting specifically to them, by offering them more of the same content they chose to download on their first visit, it will successfully provide them with original, useful content.

Video is still important

The trend that exploded in 2017, is showing no signs of slowing down. It is no longer necessary for an expensive camera or high-tech editing software. All you need is access to a smartphone and social media accounts.

When introducing video into your content marketing strategy it is suggested that initial videos should contain educational content, this should be followed by entertaining and inspirational content as it enables a brand to create value for their viewers.

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