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5 Best Email Marketing Tips to Increase Open Rate


Does it seem like your email marketing  is a complete failure?

Do you need to figure out how to increase email open rate in a hurry?

If so, then you have come to the right place. In the next few minutes, you are going to learn how to get more people from your list reading your emails and clicking through to your landing pages. You do not need luck, and you do not need to scrap everything and find some other way to market your business.

Email marketing is alive and well; it just takes the right techniques, diligent testing, and consistent effort.

Here are five ways to improve your open rate and get those sales coming in.

1. Address the Reader by Name to Increase Email Open Rate

One of the best ways to get prospects to open your emails and click through to your site is to address them by name. When readers see you addressing them by name, that tells them that this is not just some spam email randomly landing in their inbox. Instead, they consider the possibility that this might be from someone they know.

So you should definitely personalize the greeting once they open up your email.

But what if they do not even open it?

Well, you can also use their name in the subject line. This might not always work with tech-savvy web surfers who get personalized spam all day long and understand how the game works, but it will improve your open rates with some people, so it is worth trying out.

2. Create Content That is Just as Good as Your Subject Lines

The first thing your recipients are going to see is the subject line, so make it count.

It is tempting to say that your subject line is the most critical factor affecting open rates. This is certainly true with cold emailing campaigns, and it is also true with subscribers who have only joined your list in recent days.

But subject lines alone don’t convert.

You might be great at creating clickbait subject lines. If you are not very good at it yet, then you need to put in more time with crafting subject lines that convert. However, if the content inside the email or on your website does not effectively remove the customer’s pain points, then they will not be opening up too many more emails from you, no matter how good those subject lines are.

So be careful with overusing clickbait, and don’t ever resort to bait-and-switch tactics out of desperation. Create subject lines that beg to be opened, but then follow through with content that provides the kind of valuable solutions that your customers are searching for.

3. Use Legitimate Sender or From Names

One of the easiest ways to spot spam emails is to hover your cursor over the sender’s name to see what comes up.

When you get an email from something like [email protected] what do you do? You delete that bad boy without hesitation. It is spam. The same is true when the sender’s email address is something like [email protected] No matter how good your content or your offer might be, most people simply don’t like solicitations. It is invasive, so it puts prospects on the defense – even the ones who like your content or products and voluntarily opted into your email list.

Everyone directly involved in your marketing campaign should have a personalized email address for company use, especially for the main account from which marketing emails are sent. Open rates increase when the person’s first name is included in the address because customers trust real people more than they trust sales departments and spambots.

There is a potential problem here for internet marketers and bloggers, though. Many of these folks have had so many different websites and email accounts; they do not even know which list they are emailing half the time. Many readers will not open your emails if they do not recognize your email account. If they subscribed on one website, but your email account is under another one of your websites that they have never heard of, you just lost a customer. So make sure that your sender email address matches up to the website from which people signed up.

4. Contact Your New Signups Within 24 Hours

At no point in time will a new email subscriber be more open to your email messages than during the first 24 hours after their initial signup. That is the time to put your best foot forward and make a genuine connection with your new subscribers by using either an autoresponder or by personally sending an email yourself.

If they opted in to receive a free report or ebook, then use this first contact attempt as a follow-up in which to ask what they thought of the content. Was it helpful? Did it resolve the issue for them? Do they need some clarification? Do they have any other questions that need answering? That first 24-hour window is an excellent opportunity to solidify your relationship and create a lifelong customer.

5. Time Your Emails for Maximum Effect

Research has shown that commercial emails received a 20 percent higher open rate from 8pm to midnight, compared to during standard business hours. The actual open rates will vary by industry, but either way, it is pretty remarkable.

Most salespeople email their prospects during normal business hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Sure, this is a great time to catch them at the office. However, it is also a great time to interrupt them when they are busy trying to get things done.

If you want to avoid the noise and catch people when they are more receptive, email them after dinner when they are settled down for the day and are more likely to read your emails.

Many email marketing softwares will allow you to create your emails and preschedule them to go out to your list at certain times. You should take advantage of this feature, not only for your autoresponder sequences but also for your on-the-fly emails too.

Do you have some news to share today or a new blog post to promote to your list? Type it up, and then schedule it to go out later tonight.

If your email campaign is not converting as it should, it does not mean that email is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. It merely means that your readers are getting many emails these days, and you need to step up your game to get their attention and hold onto it. So try some of these email tips, test the results and then tweak accordingly.

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