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4 Reasons To Hire A Niche Marketing Agency

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Niche marketing agencies are successful for a reason: they know their niche inside and out, and are constantly revising their strategies to match the market based on experience.

For instance, a general marketing agency can easily sell scarves to people who want to keep their neck warm. A marketing specialist in the scarf industry will do the same, but will sell more scarves with less effort because they know how to target the market more directly.

While the core of marketing skills can transfer to any industry, jumping between industries requires more research. General agencies don’t always have the time to learn any industry in depth. Research only goes so far; experience is necessary to develop expertise.

The marketing agency you hire needs to know your market well enough to speak directly into that market’s listening.

Here are 4 reasons to go straight to the top and hire a niche marketing agency:

1. A niche agency knows how to generate and segment traffic

Since the 1990s, we’ve been told that getting traffic is the answer to all of our problems. Traffic is important, but it’s not everything. In fact, traffic is useless unless it’s targeted.

General marketing agencies are good at getting traffic, but they may not understand the depth of your market’s segments. A niche agency will, and will target each segment professionally.

2. A niche agency knows how to increase conversions

Consider your own website traffic. If you’re moderately successful, you’re probably getting between a 2-3% conversion rate. That’s been the average for years. A general agency might spend time and money generating traffic, but it will only inflate your conversion rate proportionately. You want an agency that will fine-tune your marketing efforts toward converting more of your existing traffic. This requires extensive knowledge of your niche, and that’s why a specialist is necessary.

A niche marketing agency will have the required experience. For instance, this marketing agency specializes in serving healthcare providers across several niches including rehab centers. They’ve worked with more than 30 treatment centers and have used that experience to craft their SEO and other marketing campaigns. They understand the intricacies of the industries they serve, and their expertise is derived from their experience.

3. Your PPC landing pages matter

Too many businesses send their PPC traffic to their home page. Your home page might be the most beautiful page in the world, but it’s not always the optimal landing page for your visitors. In fact, PPC conversions are directly affected by where they’re sent. If you’re paying for those clicks, you need to make sure they’re worth it.

Sending visitors to a dedicated landing page will help you qualify your visitors; a home page won’t. Dedicated landing pages allow you to capture leads by speaking directly to as many segments of your market as you want. You can create focused content, and that’s what generates action.

This article from discusses why using a home page for a PPC campaign isn’t wise, emphasizing the importance of focus, “Landing pages address one main subject. You can encourage your users to download your eBook, attend a webinar, start a trial, and so on. Focusing on one theme makes it easy for prospects to take action.”

A niche marketing agency will craft both your PPC campaign and your landing pages intentionally to capture the attention of your specific market.

4. A niche agency can speak directly to your market

Knowing a niche inside and out results in more effective copy.

For instance, someone might be selling scarves to people who wear them as a fashion accessory. The marketing messages for that niche will speak to people who want to look great and feel fashionable. This is a completely different message than speaking to people who live in a cold climate and need to keep their neck warm during the winter.

A general agency could come up with decent sales copy speaking to the fashionable niche, in terms of how the scarf will make them look so good that their friends will be envious. However, a niche agency will know that the scarf is designed to mimic a famous designer’s scarf, and will speak to fans of that designer. The fans of the designer make up a smaller segment, but are easier to sell because the message can be more targeted.

Choose your marketing agency wisely

If your goal is to increase your conversion rate without wasting time or money, consider hiring a marketing agency that specializes in your niche. The cost may be a little more than other agencies, but it will bring you a bigger ROI, so it’s worth it.

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