Top 6 Benefits Of Car Covers For Self Employed Drivers

self employed driver

For some people driving is a chore, while for others is a joy and now for many it’s their part time or full time occupation. Uber has revolutionised the driving industry and while it’s model has been disruptive it’s been a lifesaver for many people whom have found it hard to secure a job either after a redundancy or too much competition. The self employed driver model is arguably here to stay. The biggest investment is the car and many drivers have purchased a car fit for the purpose but where do they keep it, in a garage or out on the street?

In most urban areas especially in densely populated cities under cover carparks and garages are luxury only a few can afford so most cars are outdoors, which has it’s own challenges like security against theft and of course the weather. A vehicle exposed to elements like driving winds, rain, and exposure to sun ages faster and for a self employed driver this is a challenge. Your car needs to be in peak condition to work for businesses like Uber and this is where car covers come into their own. Here are the top 6 benefits of using car covers for your vehicle.

Car covers protect against extreme weather:

Let’s start with the most obvious one. Car covers are an excellent protection against rough weather. How? You park your car is parked up in the driveway while you’re in the house being absolutely carefree when suddenly, extreme rain starts to pour. Although bodies of most cars are impervious to a little water, when we talk about extreme rainfall, we’re talking about a seriously heavy rainfall which is being more frequent due to climate change. That is certainly not good for the body of your car. Thankfully, if you have a quality car cover on your car, this protects it from severe damage, helping you save quite a bit on your investment.

Car covers protect against sunlight:

Again, most cars have a body that is impervious to a little sunlight, but if the beams of the sun are scorching hot, it is not quite good for your paint job. However, if your car is covered by a car cover, you don’t have to worry about that now, do you? Car covers allow you the peace of mind because you know your car’s body is protected by an extra layer of protection, car cover. Additionally, car covers keep the inside of your car, relatively cooler which can result in needing the air con on less often. The use of the air conditioner chews through gas so you’ll need to fill up more which will put more strain on your cashflow.

Car covers protect against theft:

Most people don’t realize as to how good theft deterrent car covers are. When it comes to stealing a car or the contents inside it, thieves are usually on a clock. And when time is an issue, instead of going for a difficult target i.e. a car with the covers on, they go for the easy prey, a car with no cover on. Secondly, sometimes it is possible that a thief doesn’t want to boost your car, but sees something he likes from the windows of your car and only breaks in to steal that thing. When your car has a cover on, nobody can see inside the covers, hence, no thief is enticed to steal anything.

Car covers protect against animals and falling fruits:

If you don’t have a designated car parking space at your apartment or a spacious driveway in your house, parking the car at night becomes a major issue. When a situation like this occurs, people resort to parking their cars in weird places, like under a tree. Doing that may sound like a great idea but most people don’t realize that trees are a natural habitat for a lot of animals. In addition to that, you need to think about the different kinds of fruits and nuts that fall from the tree when they are ripe. That’s when car covers come into play and protect your investment.

Car covers protect against dents and scratches:

The thing is, the more expensive your car is the less you can afford scratches on it. Your heart must already be racing just by thinking about it. In fact, let’s not even talk about dents. Both – scratches and dents are very difficult to get rid of.

Car covers protect against dirt and nature:

Car covers don’t let dirt and sand set on the body of the car, keeping your car squeaky clean. On the other hand, car covers also help protect the body of your car from stuff like bird excrement.

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