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Looking After Your Elite Employees

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They are doing overtime, working late nights, rushing to last minute meetings and taking long phone calls. They’re the most hard-working people you know and they’re helping you to achieve success with your business. Now is the time to acknowledge your elite employees and give them the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Communicate with Compassion

Sometime you could be guilty of overlooking your employee’s suggestions and requests. You’re very busy on a day to day basis and you often only put urgent business matters to the forefront of your agenda. How many times have you considered that a small problem to you might be a large problem to somebody else? It’s so important to take time out of your busy working schedule to communicate with your staff. If you start to listen to their gripes and problems they will respect you a lot more. Everyone wants to feel acknowledged and appreciated, so make they’re getting the attention they deserve. Be as understanding as you can when you’re listening to them and put yourself in their position if you feel it helps you to empathise. Make sure your door is always open for them to come and chat with you and make your office a friendly environment for everyone to receive support.

Get Their Schedules Right-On

We all know what it feels like to be over-worked and under-recognised. You have a duty of care to your workers to make sure they’re not working over their allocated hours. This free tool can get all of your scheduling work in order and make sure that your staff are getting a fair deal when it comes to their breaks, pay and working hours. If you pay a little more attention to when and how long your employees are working for, they will really appreciate it. By recognising their extra hours and scheduling them some time off when they have worked a long stint of days to reach an important deadline, you will have a happier bunch of staff.

Let them Let Loose

It’s really important to make time for your employees outside of the office. Try and organise seasonal social events which will keep them motivated at busy times. Allow them to dress down in casual clothes on certain days too. This will give them a sense of freedom and will inject a little bit of excitement into their working weeks. By going the extra mile with social activities you’ll make your staff feel much more integrated with each other too. It’s a great way to mix up the teams and allow everybody to get to know one another. Make sure you accept as many social invitations as you can too. Your staff will really appreciate you making the effort to attend gatherings outside of work time.

If you can incorporate some of these things into your everyday business routine, you’ll soon be seeing more motivated staff and higher productivity. The best way for you to gain respect as a boss is by putting your employees first sometimes. Put yourself in their shoes and allow them to earn the rewards they deserve.

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