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Desktop vs. Laptop: Which One is better for Your Business?


Choosing a computer unit nowadays can be a daunting task especially if it’s for business use. There have been a multitude of choices available in the market, what with tech giants like Acer, Apple and Hewlett-Packard to name a few, releasing new models after new models of desktops and laptops year round.

In Harvey Norman, the variety of computers being offered to consumers and business alike help them make that most important decision yet – to get a desktop or to get a laptop? Will it be an all-in-one computer? Will it be full-size or compact? The choices can be endless, so here’s a quick checklist to help you jumpstart on that decision.

Does your business/work involve software testing or programming?

If you answered yes, then a desktop is what you need. Desktops have more powerful processors than laptops and you can keep upgrading the desktop’s parts one at a time to make it even more powerful. Unlike in laptops wherein you have to replace it as a whole most of the time.

However, some laptop brands available in the market today have nearly caught up to the level of power that desktops have always provided. This may come at a higher price range which may or may not limit your decision making on the purchase.

Is your business/work on the go?

If you answered yes, then a laptop is more suited for you. A laptop’s mobility is one of its most attractive qualities and Harvey Norman’s range of laptops provides you with size ranges – from as small as 10 inches to as large as 18 inches. This may also include the laptop’s thickness, which nowadays are becoming thinner and thinner.

Desktops may be portable at times, but aside from its bulkiness, moving around desktops can be tedious to setup and can also be dangerous to its many parts.

Do you have a specific budget in mind?

If you answered yes, then you might have to decide based on practicality. Purchasing a desktop can let you get creative with its components since you can build a desktop for a fraction of the cost, as opposed to purchasing a similarly powerful laptop. This also takes into consideration the computer unit’s graphics processor, which is noticeable when doing photo or video editing.

Laptops, on the other hand, offer a wide selection based on your requirements. If you want to achieve the capabilities of a desktop on a laptop, you would have to shell out more for the laptop that has a faster processor, better graphics and larger memory storage.

For most business, the portability that laptops offer makes it an ideal choice. Built fittingly for the busy working class, like a sales representative on the go, or a managing consultant, the easiness of being able to bring a laptop everywhere is a major advantage. Harvey Norman’s range of laptops comes in sleek colors that will definitely give your business transactions a boost.

So go through the checklist and see your answers – is it a Desktop or a Laptop?

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