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Creating a Better At-Home Office Space That You’ll Want to Work In


When working from home, it’s important to create a disconnect between your family life and your working life. One of the most popular strategies to achieve this balance is to create your own personal workspace at home that will motivate you and keep you focused. To help you do this, we’ve put together some handy tips that will help you create a fantastic home office.

Define your own workspace

Mark your territory and try your best to keep other families out of it. Whether you use a spare room as a study or turn a corner of the dining room into your work location, try and make it clear to others in your family that when you’re in that corner, they should try not to distract you if possible. This makes it easier for young children to understand, especially considering they can often become one of the most common distractions when working from home.

Use less space for your home office

You don’t need much space for your home office. In fact, it’s possible to convert a walk-in closet or a storage room to become a home office. Some people find that enclosed areas are difficult to work in due to the feeling of being cramped like a cubicle, but others believe that the feeling of being inside an office unit helps them focus and work harder so they can finish their assignments then return back to family life. Either way, it’s good to remember that you don’t need an entire room to create an at-home office as long as it puts you in the mindset to work hard.

Focus on comfort

One of the biggest advantages to working from home is that you’re able to focus on creature comforts like how soft your chair is, how many decorations you have around you and the type of motivational posters you hang around. Get yourself a contemporary white office chair on wheels to give you a stylish office chair to sit on, or consider getting a couple of desk plants to set a calming mood for you to work in.

Switch to a desktop computer

When starting up your business, one of the best ways to fund your venture is to try and minimise the costs of starting up. A great way to run a business cheaply is to purchase a desktop computer instead of a laptop due it to being relatively inexpensive compared to a portable device and also more powerful. However, there’s also one other advantage to getting a desktop instead: the lack of portability. It sounds like a disadvantage, but the true strength of a desktop lies in its immobility. Since you won’t be able to move your work computer to the dining table or to the living room sofa, it means that you’re rooted in place when working. This forces you to focus and it gives you a stationery location to work at. Although the lack of portability might be a problem for some, the whole idea is to create an at-home office space, not a mobile workstation that will cause distractions.

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