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Business New Year’s Resolutions You Need To Keep


Are you all ready for 2018 to begin? It’s just a few weeks away, so if you haven’t already started to think about the new year, now is definitely the time to do so. For many CEOs and entrepreneurs, a new year is a great chance to freshen up their business and set themselves some new goals and targets.

Think this is something that you need to do? Well, how about setting you and your business some useful business-related New Year’s resolutions?

When it comes to setting New Year’s resolutions in a professional capacity, you should make sure they are challenging yet achievable. If you try and stretch yourself too far with them, there might be no way you could ever keep the resolutions for the entire year, which could easily frustrate you.

Not sure what kinds of New Year’s resolutions to set yourself and your business this year? Here are some that might inspire you.

Improve Your Digital Presence

If you haven’t been that active on social media or you have meant to upgrade your company website for some time, then now is the time to focus on that. These days, it is incredibly important that all businesses are very active on social media for a number of reasons. First of all, it can greatly increase your reach and help you get more clients and customers onto your books.

It is also a part of your brand, and the persona that yoe your company on the likes of Facebook and Twitter will affect how the public view yoviewsompany. So it’s also a good idea to upgrade your website so that all of your SEO is up to date and there is plenty of traffic going to your site from search engines.

Up Your Advertising Campaigns

Think your advertising campaigns and strategies could do with a spot of improvement? If so, that’s another project you could work on once 2018 is here. If you don’t have one already, it’s a good idea to incorporate a PPC strategy as part of your campaigns as they can direct even more people to your site from their search engine results.

It’s also worth considering branching out with your advertising too. For example, if you already use social media and many online methods, why not think about moving into some traditional methods, such as radio and TV?

Invest In Yourself

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are so invested in their company that they can often forget about themselves and their personal success. So, next year, it’s worth taking a couple of months out to focus on yourself and invest in your own success. For instance, if you have any ideas of personal projects that you might like to carry out, it’s a good idea to try them out for size.

Many of our personal achievements and successes overlap with our professional life, so there might be plenty of skills and experience you can amass in your personal projects that can be easily transferred to your professional life and business.

Start A Mentorship Program

Why not invest in your employees as well next year? One way you can do this is by creating a new mentor program within your company. This is a great way to help improve your onboarding of new hires. For instance, as part of the mentoring program, you could introduce a buddy system.

Each of your new hires will be teamed up with a “buddy” who has been working at the company for a while. This way, they then have their very own point of contact who can help them get to know the ropes and how things work in the company.

Charge Your Worth

If you think up your own prices and offer this price list up to all your new clients, it’s worth reviewing how much you are charging. Are you sure that you are charging what you and your work are worth? If you haven’t reviewed your prices or pricing plan for a few years, it’s worth taking another look, as various factors could mean that you are now charging too little for your services.

Taking a look online at what people who offer similar services to you can help you figure out exactly what you are worth. Don’t worry about increasing your prices in the new year – many companies do so and do it without putting off any of their loyal and long-term clients.

Improve Communication Skills

I’m sure that there are a few different skills that you might need as an entrepreneur or CEO but are quite weak with. After all, we can’t be fantastic at everything, can we? So, it’s worth thinking about the skills you are weakest with and working on them throughout the new year.

One skill that many people seem to have trouble with is communication. As there are now many different forms of communication that CEOs need to use, there is a chance that you aren’t quite adept with one. For example, you might not be too skilled in public speaking, or you might struggle writing formal emails.

Work On Cash Flow

Lots of companies struggle with cash flow issues. Unfortunately, many people think that these kinds of issues only affect relatively new businesses and startups, but that really isn’t the case. Even if your company has been trading for a few years, there is a chance that certain mistakes could prove problematic for your cash flow! So, it’s worth organizing a couple of meetings with your accountant or financial department so that you can start to figure out solutions to ease your cash flow.

There are often straightforward solutions you can put into place, such as shortening the payment terms on your invoices. However, it’s a good idea to ask your finance team for advice as they will be full of great ideas that can help improve things.

So, do you have a few ideas for business New Year’s resolutions? Fingers crossed you keep yours for the whole year!