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5 Low-Cost Ways to Get People To Pay Attention to Your Business

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The average consumer is terribly distracted—and for a good reason. The American Marketing Association reports that people are exposed to 10,000 brand messages per day. Amid all that noise, how does a business get people to look their way?

The good news? There are proven strategies that, with a little tailoring, could be what shines a spotlight on your endeavour. Want to learn how to get people to choose your business from among a crowded marketplace? Read on!

1. Publish a manifesto or a book.

Writing a book will set you apart from business owners who do not have a book to their name. Think of it like this, who would you be more likely to hire as a financial consultant? Someone who has written a book on the topic? Or someone who hasn’t? Publishing a book helps establish your authority and builds trust. But not only that. Your book could open the door to new opportunities, consumers, and audiences that have yet to learn of your product or business.

With many self-publishing companies to choose from, such as MyWord Publishing, there is no reason to put it off. Often, these companies offer affordable publishing packages that allow you to cut upfront costs. As well as provide as much or as little editing and design help as needed.

2. Create a press release.

Wish you could be on the front page of an online news service? The press release is not a dusty convention of the past. When used correctly, it is an effective method for getting the news out about your business, service, or product. It can also help you get your story told in a way that showcases the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. However, for it to accomplish all that it is capable of, there are certain rules to follow. Consider hiring a professional press release writing company if you are not a skilled writer. If you are, do your research and hone your writing skills. So that you can deliver something that is on par with what a professional service provides.

3. Get others’ expert opinion and use that to get your name in front of people who matter.

What field is your business in? Do you know the names of those who are considered experts in your area? Consider a flexible approach. Ask them for advice about your business. And then follow what they suggest, if the information is right. Asking for testimonials too early on will only garner you a refusal. First, start off with a flexible proposition.

If you strike a good chord with experts in your field, you might find someone willing to invest in mentoring your business. But beware of placing too many demands on the onset of your relationship. An individual will only be willing to use their connections and network to help you out if they believe in your business model.

4. Benefit from the trust given to well-recognized outlets.

Why do so many authors sell their books on Amazon? Even though the cut Amazon takes is notoriously high? Readers and consumers everywhere recognize the authority that Amazon has. Authors get a slice of that pie when selling through this known outlet.

Do you feel your business would have a chance if only you could get in front of the right people in the right way? Ever considered partnering up with a well-known person or organization? Or using the notable services of a well-recognized store to sell your products? Now might be the time to associate your business with a trusted name. And see who starts paying attention as a result.

5. Know what people are talking about and join in the conversation.

Do you know how to present your business in a way that is relatable to whatever is currently trending? How do you insert your business into the conversation? Use relevant storytelling in real-time across platforms and markets.

Pay attention to trending topics. And think about what your business has to say about what is on the news or on people’s minds. Commenting on a news item from your business’ standpoint, and clarifying your position, could be a great way to get eyes on you. Start off with your social media presence and use it to talk to consumers, and not at them. People will listen if they hear you talking about a cause that interests them personally.

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