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3 Finance tips for small businesses

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As a small business, good financial management is not just essential – it’s vital.

Many start-ups fail within a few years of launch simply because of money issues, but these problems can be prevented with better financial management in some cases. In this blog post, I will share 3 finance tips for small businesses based on my own experiences as an entrepreneur and small business owner. Value your time: outsource tasks.

Your time needs to be one of your biggest and best resources – and treated accordingly. We’ve all heard the saying, “time means money, ” and I couldn’t agree more from my perspective as a business owner.

It can be tempting to try to do everything yourself – after all, you know your business the best, you know what you want to achieve with it, so it’s only natural that you want to do everything yourself.


However, a better route to take is outsourcing; it’s cheap, effective, and saves you a lot of time. Use outsourcers for tasks such as:
• Content creation
• Social media management
• Project management
• Virtual assistant
• Accounting

Outsourcing can also help you create better processes for your business, helping it grow faster.

Save and invest money

In order to grow your business, you need to think of the future and plan your finances accordingly.

Whatever you don’t put back into your business, save it – and better yet, put it in low-risk investments so that you not only grow it but also so you don’t have access to it. Otherwise, it can be tempting to spend the money unnecessarily.

There are all kinds of low-risk investments that you can try, such as bonds, savings accounts, money-market securities and ETFs, and many more.

Use technology to save time and money

There are so many different tools that you can use to save time and money and boost your results. The more you leverage them, the easier it will be to grow your business as smoothly as possible.

Some of the most useful tech and software that can help your business grow are:
• Marketing automation: Marketing automation can help you generate more leads and turn them into customers quickly. And even better, it can save you hours every week that can be better spent making more sales
• Accounting software: with good accounting software, you can keep track of your business expenses, create and send invoices automatically and easily make sure that you’re billing the client for everything, save money on taxes
• Social media marketing software
• Cloud computing

These investments should be there to help you make more money; leverage this technology as much as you can, and if it’s not actually helping you save time and money, cut it.


As a start-up or small business, every financial decision you make can have a big impact on your success. So be careful with your spending, use outsourcers whenever you can, and make the best possible use of technology – what other tips do you have?

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