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Why Studying a Post Graduate Degree in International Relations May Be More Valuable In Modern Business Than An MBA


If you run a business, or intend to start an entrepreneurial venture in the near future, then it can be a good idea to work on a post graduate degree in your spare time to help you learn useful skills and gain a good, broad understanding of the business world you will be operating in.

Choosing A Masters

With so many great options for online master’s degrees available from top universities these days, studying for a masters while you work or prepare to start up can be not only possible, but easy. For many people interested in going into business, the obvious choice of course is an MBA, and this is certainly something you can do on an online basis.

However, for a lot of people, it is emerging that an international relations masters degree is actually the one to go for to get an edge in business.

Leveraging the Opportunities of an increasingly Globalized Business World

While an MBA will give you a great education in business, in the modern business world it is equally if not more important to be able to identify and take advantage of opportunities presented by the global market.

By understanding the trade laws and diplomatic situations between different countries, as well as knowing about international economics, you can identify where good markets are to expand into. Global business isn’t just about tapping into customers in other parts of the world and ensuring you can sell things to them compliantly, however. You may also want to seek out investment from people in other countries, or negotiate with foreign suppliers or manufacturers.

Using suppliers and other services from other countries can save you a lot of money if you do it wisely, and understand about things like the exchange rates between your nations and where these may cause your costs to fluctuate. However, you need to understand a lot of the things you’d learn on an international affairs master’s course to be able to successfully find the right suppliers and make good deals with them.

Be Introduced to More New Information Than in an MBA

An MBA will undoubtedly teach you a lot of very useful things, however if you have a background in business or corporate experience (which are prerequisites for an MBA) you may be able to learn a lot of this through your own research. However, an international relations degree is going to introduce you to topics you may have had no exposure to before relating to law, economics and international diplomacy.

You can choose the areas you want to focus on in your degree, so while the right path of study for someone looking to use the degree in their business will be different to someone who wants to work in politics or be a journalist, you will certainly be able to tailor what you study to your own plans.

If you are looking for a post-grad course that will help you in your future in business, it is well worth considering this study path as an alternative to an MBA.

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