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Three Reasons an MBA is Worth It for Small Business Owners


If you are an entrepreneur, then you’ll probably already know that one of the main benefits of this career choice is the fact that no previous academic qualifications are needed, unlike most other professional careers. If you have an excellent business idea, are attentive to detail, observant and understanding of the people that you work with and sell to. You have a winning recipe for being successful as a company owner. However, there’s no denying that certain educational programs can be beneficial for entrepreneurs. We’ve put together some of the main ways in which an MBA program can benefit your business venture.

#1. Understand Business Management Theory:

One of the main benefits of studying for an MBA program is that it will allow you to gain a solid understanding of business management theory. If you have had little or no business experience before starting your own company, then studying for a program such as this will give you essential knowledge in areas such as the basics of business planning and essential concepts that make a winning strategy. Of course, it’s not impossible to grasp this knowledge without attending college. However, an MBA will cover them in more depth.

#2. Improve Your Chances of Business Funding:

In most cases, entrepreneurs today must go to the bank or another lender to obtain funding for their venture. Unless you are lucky enough to have enough money saved up to cover starting your company or can borrow from a generous family member or friend, then chances are that you will be pitching your business idea to the bank or an investor. However, the problem here is that banks have become pickier and pickier over who they lend to, and your personal profile will have to impress them as well. Having studied for your executive MBA program online could help you to convince lenders that you are low-risk due to having such a strong skill-set and breadth of business knowledge.

#3. Have a Professional Safety Net:

Lastly, since nine out of ten startups will fail during their first year of business, it’s important to be realistic about your venture and ensure that you are always prepared for the worst. Of course, you won’t be expecting to fail. Your hard work and dedication may well pay off for you, however, studying for an MBA degree can give you the professional safety net that you need if your business venture does not go to plan. If your business goals aren’t met soon enough, and you find yourself in a tricky financial position, having this qualification on your resume will open up several opportunities to you in industries such as management, finance and more. With MBA graduates in higher demand than ever before, investing in this program of study will pay off by providing you with higher job security.

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