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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Business Broadband


A business typically has much greater needs than that of a home, with many different moving parts and pieces putting a greater strain on internet bandwidth at any one given time.

For this reason, business broadband has become a staple offering which millions of businesses around the world rely on to ensure the smooth and continued running of their operations. But just what is it? And are there any drawbacks to it? We have explored this below.

A stable connection is necessary for any business

What is business broadband?

Business broadband operates in much the same way as the home service that you will be used to, except it is geared to handle greater traffic and bandwidth. A business may have thousands of employees working at any one time, and the internet service needs to be capable of handling this high degree of connectivity.

You’ll enjoy dedicated servers where you can quickly get through to advisors should you need support, alongside the greater capacity load. Typically tied in with a business broadband offering are Wi-Fi solutions to help create a stable and secure connection throughout your organisation.

The good

There are some key features that you can expect from a business broadband service that you won’t typically find with a home alternative. Service providers make a commitment to offering a stable and fast connection, and should there be any problems, these will be rectified much quicker than a home would experience. With this, as mentioned above, the customer support you’ll receive is of a much higher quality.

Business traffic will often be prioritised over that of a home, meaning your needs will come first. Tied in with this is faster internet speeds, much stronger Wi-Fi routers, and a special focus on security and protection. As can be seen, there are many good reasons for a business to consider purchasing this kind of service!

The bad

Unfortunately, that’s not to say that business broadband is completely without its drawbacks. With the greater number of services that this type of package offers comes a more expensive price tag too.

The cost will of course vary depending on the provider that you choose to go with and the range of services that you wish to have. The price typically ranges within the £150 – £300 range. If you want to find a more accurate comparison on prices, it would be worth checking out GoCompare here.

It is almost slightly unfair to list the raised price as a drawback to business broadband, as the range of additional services far outweighs this. But it is still an important consideration for businesses where costs are concerned.

For smaller scale businesses who perhaps don’t have the cash flow, it might be that you also don’t have the need for a higher capacity broadband service too. For this reason, think carefully whether this type of service is right for you at this stage.

The ugly

It’s unfortunately also a sad truth that some internet and broadband providers aren’t completely forthcoming with the capabilities of their services. Often “guaranteed speeds” aren’t reached, and customers are continuously let down. This has seen Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, calling for tougher rules to be imposed to force this on service providers.

With this in mind, it’s crucial that you do plenty of research before settling on a business broadband service. There is more than one company offering this type of package, so shop around and see who can provide you with the right services to fit your needs.

Better yet, consider speaking to IT experts. This will offer two benefits. Firstly, the experts will know exactly what works and what doesn’t, with most of them having tested these services themselves. Secondly, it allows you to focus your time on the thing that matters most; the smooth running of your organisation.

Boosting your business with IT consultancy and strategy

Business broadband, as with much of technology, is evolving at a rapid pace, and what is the dominant force on the market today could quite well be lagging behind come next year. With a consistent stream of developments, upgrades and inventions gracing the technological world annually, this service is always being improved upon.

To ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve, it’s important that you consider IT consultancy and strategy services. Not only will this mean that you have a team of experts who are always on hand to provide you with the most up-to-date services, but it will also mean that you can focus solely on running your business.

There are dozens of companies operating around the world who can offer expert IT support, knowledgeable consultancy, and a range of cloud-based IT solutions to reduce your business costs and make your organisation more effective.

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