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Is a Home Delivery Service the Next Step for Your Business?

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Home deliveries are all the rage now thanks to the convenience it offers and the variety of services available that will help you get your products into the hands of consumers. Unfortunately, it’s typically reserved for the culinary industry such as fast food deliveries. However, since Amazon introduced their 2-hour delivery service, more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to give their consumers even more choice when ordering products over the internet.

However, is a home delivery service the next logical step for your business, or is it a pipedream that you should stop worrying about for now? Let’s find out.

Advantage: More room for exposure and sales

It goes without saying that a home delivery service can drastically increase the numbers of sales you have. This is because a home delivery service gives you more exposure, and customers are more likely to purchase from you because of the “I need it now!” consumer mentality. If you’re willing to set up a home delivery service, then you’ll be surprised at how effective it can be at convincing your customers to spend more and buy more frequently.

Disadvantage: Logistics can be a nightmare

Let’s face it, setting up your own home delivery service is going to be a logistical nightmare. Unless you have plenty of drivers and garages around, your area of operation is going to be incredibly small and limited. In addition, you’ll need to spend more attention worrying about employees. For example, if your delivery operatives are chased by dogs, then you’ll need to hire a personal injury dog bites attorney to help you pursue the case. Similarly, since you’ll be hiring drivers, they also need to be competent and have insurance in the event they crash and damage the customer’s items.

Advantage: It can be easy to setup

If you aren’t creating your own logistics system from scratch, then there’s a good chance that you can sign up for a third party service that will enable you to quickly set up a home delivery service to attach to your business. It usually doesn’t take much time to plan and deploy, and you’ll get instant access to fast and efficient home deliveries. With the growing number of services offering to deliver your goods for you, there will be even more competition in the future which will likely lead to new innovations.

Disadvantage: It requires a hefty investment

Everything in business has a price. Whether it’s hiring new staff to help you fulfil home deliveries or recruiting drivers to deliver your products, it’s not going to come cheap. You will need to invest a hefty amount of money to purchase all of the components that will allow you to setup a home delivery service. There is no budget version for people to try out and you will need a large sum of money upfront before you can even get started.

Home deliveries may or may not be the next logical step for your business. For those it can benefit, a home delivery service is a bold move that costs a lot of money but ultimately creates more business.