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How To Turn Readers Into Spenders

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It is the golden question, isn’t it – how can you turn your readers into spenders? It is the question that business owners and content marketers ask themselves on a daily basis. It’s the thing that many entrepreneurs and ecommerce owners focus on before launching a blog.

The best way to answer this question with effective advice is to deconstruct it, and carefully work through each aspect of it. So bearing that in mind, below we have deconstructed the different areas of this question, to give you the insights and answers that you need to turn your readers into revenue.

Cover niche topics

There is a lot of content out there that does not get utilised in the way that it should do; it doesn’t get read, shared or linked to. The reason for this is simple: it is because the content is of a low quality – AKA it does not read well and is of little interest to readers – which is not a good thing.

However, the good news is that a blog that offers content that is well written and unique, that gives a different spin on a topic, will be more successful. These are the sites whose content is readily shared and linked to, which builds trust from visitors, making them more likely to want to spend money with the brand because they begin to trust the brand itself and the entrepreneur behind it.

Simply rewrite what everyone else is saying in a unique way, and you are guaranteed to turn more readers into spenders. Trust is vital in business, and to gain trust, being a credible source of information is a good step to start with.

Promote your products/services in your content

If you theme your blog posts around your business and its products and services, you can easily find ways to link to or reference different products in your blog posts. What you don’t want to do is spam your content with products, but what you do want to do is link to relevant products and services. A brief mention of a product or service that you offer can help your readers to learn more about what you offer as a business and turn your readers into spenders.

For instance, say you run a catering company and are writing a post about organising commercial events, you can easily reference your company and its services without seeming spammy or pushy. Be smart about how you mention your products or services – always make sure that a mention of them fits naturally into any posts that you write.

Focus on usability

The fact is if your website is complicated and difficult to use and navigate, it will put your readers off ordering from you or visiting in the future. That is why it can be worthwhile investing in 3rd party ecommerce services, to ensure that your online store is easy to use and provides a great experience for your users.

Having a professionally designed ecommerce site that is easy to use and navigate and is linkable from your content, will help to turn more readers into spenders. When it comes to ecommerce success, having a site that is easy to navigate and simple to use is vital, which is why going with a professional ecommerce company is worth considering. There are many online payment processing service providers to choose from too, therefore your focus is to engage an ecommerce provider that is PCI DSS compliant and supports alternative payments options like PayU. Your customers will also need a fast, seamless and favorable experience while using the payment gateway before returning to your site.

Turning readers into spenders may not be an easy task, but the fact is that if you take note of the advice above, you can make the process easier for yourself.

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