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How to Make Your Homepage A Homerun

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Designing and implementing a high quality homepage is essential to increasing site traffic and conversions. A high quality homepage will improve the sites rankings of search engine results pages and also help to keep visitors on the site for longer and explore the various aspects of the site.

There are some crucial steps that need to be followed in creating a high quality homepage and with the help of an SEO company, it can be completed quickly and then maintained and regularly updated to ensure that it keeps drawing visitors.

A Clear Value Proposition

This is the first step to gaining the visitors attention and ensuring them that they are on the right page. A clear statement outlining what the business does, who they do it for and why they do it differently to others provides visitors with a clear understanding of what they are looking at.

This might seem like a really simple step, but many businesses don’t have this clearly stamped on their homepage in an easy to see location.

Links to Social Media

This is a great way to encourage continued engagement with the business. Enticing people to follow the relevant social media accounts linked to the business, customers will be kept up to date with all the news and updated features of the business.

Social media is now one of the most important marketing channels around and so ensuring that visitors go on to follow the business on their social media accounts, guarantees continued engagement – even if it’s only on a shallow level.

It also makes the business seem more successful with more followers, increasing the businesses profile, whilst making it easy for customers to contact the business at any time.

Easy to Navigate

An easy to navigate website, is a good website and one that keeps customers on it. The design of the website can be easily improved with the help of a trusted SEO company.

The navigation design should be easily understood by a first time visitor and should also reflect the typical visitor’s behaviour with the most commonly visited pages at the forefront. The aid of an SEO expert will ensure that the site is easily navigated and continues to be updated according to consumer needs and wants

Contact Information

Providing the company’s contact information on the page in critical to business success. Often it is placed at the bottom of the page in the footer and should include all the contact information available such as an email, phone number and business address. Including specific phone numbers for specific requests is also a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

Having the contact information in an easy to access location on the page will make the website more appealing and encourage customer engagement.

Video, Animation & Images

This is simply to engage the customer the second that they land on the website. Videos, images and animation are a great way to get across information and portray the business culture, quickly. They are simple and easy to understand and immediately draw the attention of visitors.

The challenge with this is that it can sometimes slow down the loading speed of the webpage. Hiring an SEO company will help to ensure that the website can have the interesting, informing and attention grabbing videos and images whilst maintaining the pages loading speed. This will aid in keeping a good search engine results rank.


A call-to-action is essential to encouraging consumer action once they land on the site. They are often a way of keeping the customers engagement at a basic level to allow for further marketing in the future. Examples include things like ‘sign up to our blog’ or ‘follow us on Twitter/Facebook etc’.

To ensure that the customer doesn’t find it overwhelming keep the call-to-action to one or two for the whole site. A local SEO expert like SEO Shark will be able to help with this design and implementation and increase the success rate of the call-to-action.

Simple Design, Clear Text

A simple webpage design is often a good one because it usually means that people are actually able to read and understand what is on it. It is important that the user doesn’t have to “work” for the information that they are after because they usually won’t and will simply end up leaving the site.

Providing a basic, structured layout with clear and simple font will provide the user with a clear platform to navigate. Font is one of the most important things on the site as it is a key factor in whether the visitor reads the text or not.

Keep the fonts consistent and large so that they are easy to read and ensure that there is adequate spacing between lines so that it doesn’t end up like an essay. An SEO expert will be beneficial in choosing font and designing this part of the website to encourage user interaction.

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