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Basic Tips On How To Grow Your Social Media Followers

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Are you starting a new business and need to promote your product or service? Or are you wanting to become a social media celebrity or influencer and need more people to follow you? Social media is now full of people whose talents, celebrity and income were found through social media, and now they can not do with it.

Over 3 billion people use the Internet and 2.79 billion use social media , so it is almost impossible to find a person not using one of these three: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The audience is here so it’s a great place to endorse and sell your product.

As part of your social media strategic plan avoid making these eight mistakes Growing your following on social media is a gradual process – the long game however there are actions you can take to make it all worthwhile. So, let’s dig in.

Where there is a will, there is a way….

After you’ve taken the usual steps to attract followers it becomes tough to attract more followers, so focus on your strategic plan; stay calm, focused and disciplined. Results are not always immediate so while it might look like a waste of time, the steps taken will pay off. Here’s how you do it:

Plan strategically

Being active on lots of social media websites may seem like the way to go but in reality, it will just wear you down. Focus on any of the main social media sites aforementioned. Paying for followers is acceptable and achievable on most social media sites. This is one way you can gain followers on Instagram. Investing in advertising to grow your followers in the social media sites that have your targeted audience can be part of your strategic plan. Remember ‘time is money’ therefore it makes sense to use it wisely and avoid wasting it creating multiple accounts and then trying to keep them active. Your plan is to grow a high value account sharing high value content so your growing organic traffic will result in new followers.


Let’s suppose that your following has increased on Twitter and you want the same to happen to your Instagram page, simply just put out a Tweet asking your followers to follow you on Instagram too. This way you’re strategically leveraging off your accounts by cross-promotion.

Talk about it – it’s free

Discuss what’s on your social profiles when the opportunity arises. You’re standing in the coffee queue, speak to the person next to you. Every interaction is an opportunity to get your brand visible. Everyone is using smart devices so they can visit your profile while you’re conversing with them. If they like what they see they will follow you and share your content with their followers too. This action costs nothing and it works.

Add social media links to your website

There is now barely a website online without links on their social profiles. One of the best ways to direct the users to your social media accounts is to add the links to the website and use ‘like’ plugins and content sharing plugins too.

Join and Be Active In Groups

The groups formed on every social media platform are a golden opportunity to gain more followers. Start having conversations in these groups, using # on twitter, and discuss your page or product. You are very likely to attract more followers in a very short-term period. This too will take time but it’s free. Make sure you offer high value content, tips etc.

Stay in the game

Social media has become a very competitive market place. It is very important to stand out from your peers to be found and visible. The content in social media will make or break your account’s popularity. To get more engagement, your account needs to be interesting so consider sharing interactive content. It’s all about being in the spotlight.