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7 Simple Ways To Start Your Own Business As A Parent

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Many people see being a parent, and all of the commitments that go along with that, as a liability but the truth is that sometimes it takes that added pressure, and sense of responsibility of being a parent, to kickstart your motivation to consider starting a business. Being a parent can actually be good for business. Like with everything in life, it’s all about perspective. Here are some options for a business, that we’ve found suit a busy parent.


There are many options for freelance artists of all kinds. From writers to illustrators and designers, you can make a good living working from home and working your own hours as a freelancer. It can take time to build momentum and contacts but the benefits are great and can be a perfect option for busy parents.


Opening a franchise can be a great way to slip into an already constructed business model. It takes a lot of pressure off branding and marketing and lets you get down to customer service and the running of the business. There are some great, new options to begin a franchise in Australia, do some homework and figure out what appeals to you the most.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

This is a great option for animal lovers and is a growing industry. Basically you get paid for playing with and caring for animals – mostly dogs. Sounds good? Occasionally you might get a stinky rabbit to deal with, but overall dog walking is a great way to work in the outdoors and can make good money. Another option to look into, or as a companion to dog walking is a mobile pet grooming business.

Mobile Business

Speaking of mobile businesses, there are a lot of options out there from pet grooming, to massage, to personal training and tutoring. Wherever your skill set lies, you can make good money out of offering your services to people who are time-poor or prefer not to leave their homes or places of work. You’ll need a good vehicle and insurance can prove costly, but it can also be enjoyable and rewarding work where you work to your own schedule.

Market Stalls

Next time you’re wandering through a market, take a look at the handmade soap stall. A bar of soap costs around ten to fifty cents to make and can be sold for $1-$5. With the growing market of green shoppers out there, wanting naturally made products with a long list of added chemicals, soap making can prove to be a great business venture. By adding essential oils, herbs, and colours you can make luxury handmade soaps at home in your kitchen. The packaging is key, as is branding for anything, so take the time to find the right name, logo, design and packaging materials to give your soap an edge over the competition.


As with all art, photography isn’t easy and requires study, practice, and a certain amount of natural ability. If you have these, or are prepared to commit to getting them, then being a photographer can be a fantastic career choice. It’s not easy there’s a lot of competition out there, but there is also a good amount of work for skilled photographers. Specialise in wedding and family photography, or break into fashion. There are a variety of options and many that give you the freedom to work within your own hours or with your little ones tagging along.

Take your time to research and decide on what the best option is for your circumstances. Don’t feel like being a parent needs to hold you back from starting that business you’ve always wanted to.

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