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3 Surefire Strategies to Maximize Exposure for Your Travel Business

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It seems that the travel industry is an area that shows continuous signs of progress and growth. In 2014 alone, it was able to contribute a whopping $7.6 trillion to the US economy. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the largest industries globally, it also includes a ton of business types and caters to a range of customer needs.

As such, the travel industry is a field that’s easy to break in but hard to stand out. However, without the right travel PR and foolproof marketing strategies, surviving is impossible. If you’re planning to market your travel business, you might want to consider these strategies.

#1: Define Your Target Market

Before you even set a marketing strategy, you need to consider the demographic you plan to target. For example, there’s been an increase in millennials who travel to either local or international destinations. Insights from the Portrait of American Travelers study showed that millennials intend to spend 19% more on travel expenses in the next 12 months compared to the average household vacation spending for the same period.

As you research your target market, you also need to find out what causes them to travel, what they find frustrating, and where they can find travel information. By defining your target market, you can create campaigns that will revolve around your chosen demographic.

#2: Establish a Strong Presence in Social Media

Nowadays, it’s no longer just about conducting a successful travel PR anymore. You also need to leverage your marketing efforts by establishing your presence online. Although travel businesses will have a varying user base with different social media habits, there’s a good chance that your audience uses social media to look for travel deals. The best part about promoting your brand on social media is that it’s cost-effective. As long as you pick the right platform and put a strategy in place, gaining exposure will be possible.

#3: Allow your Customers to Leave Reviews

Online reviews are one of the most indispensable tools that every business owner can have. People tend to look for reviews on a particular business or establishment to assess its quality before they even decide whether to spend or not.

According to studies, around 90% of customers consider reviews as an integral part of their buying decision. If they find a business with an abysmal rating, they’ll immediately regard it as having poor quality service and won’t do business with it.

But how can you get reviews from your customers? Well, it’s simple – just ask.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your travel business in the travel industry is definitely a challenge. There are many competitions out there, and most established brands in the industry are already widely patronized by most of the market. If you can’t offer something new to your prospects, you’ll most likely fail.

As such, you need to pair your marketing efforts with the right plans and strategies. Then, follow the ones above to give you a solid footing from where you can place your foundations.

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