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3 Epic Productivity Tools For Business


When you’re running any business, above all else, time is your most valuable resource making productivity truly key to success.

Everyday as an entrepreneur or SME, you will get many emails, phone calls, client visits, Skype chats, texts from partners, Whatsapp group alerts – plus plenty of distractions like social media and anything going on directly in front of you.

Making the most of every single day can seem like an absolutely mammoth task because there’s just so much to do, in so many different ways, with so many people demanding your time and effort. Everything seems to want to be prioritised. Everything seems to need to be prioritised, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution. It can seem impossible to be productive and move forward with goals most of the time.

There is, of course, a solution, many in fact. From mindfulness techniques to methods of organisation. Today, however, we’re going ultra-modern with our product solutions, in the way of beautiful technology created specifically to help you remain productive all day, every day. Here are 3 epic productivity tools for business:


Freshbooks has won a ton of awards and is the leading finance and accounting software on the market. It is currently used by over 5 million businesses and freelancers in order to manage client invoicing and financing, which can be one of the leading leaches of time when you run a business. Being productive is so much easier when one of the most complex parts of your business is made more streamlined and convenient with a tool like Freshbooks.

Freshbooks works as an accounting suite which helps you with jobs like:-

  • Managing invoices
  • Collecting online payments
  • Helping you you manage Paypal, Google checkout and many other payment systems all in one place
  • Helping you manage multi-currency payments and expenses

Although the tool is very complex, the usability is very easy, and lots of users report enjoying financial tasks they once dreaded.


Kanbanize is a lean management tool that helps to bring lots of aspects of communication and workflow, documentation and organisation together into one place. You look at the platform in order to complete tasks such as:-

  • Managing multiple projects
  • Communicating in real time with team members
  • Sharing and managing documents
  • Planning timescales and setting goals

Based on the information inputted, software intelligence enables users to get an answer to when tasks are likely to be completed. Even with projects that will take years to finish, this technology is able to work to provide a transparent and accurate visual overview of the workflow aiding in the continual improvement of business processes.

The technology works well with any project but particularly in projects where the workers are remote, as it creates a realistic workplace environment as though everybody is in the same working space together in real-time. Visually it is very attractive to look at, as well as easy to use, making it a pleasure to have as a productivity tool on your laptop or PC.

The analytical side of the software places it a step ahead of other project management tools because not only is it providing transparency and elevated communication, but Kanbanize provides a greater intelligence and ability to make predictions and work in a way that is more productive overall.

Focus Booster

One of the major killers of productivity is distraction. Recent reports show that we touch our phones over 2,500 times a day. More studies showed that the average person spends nearly 2 hours on their phone every day, which is 5 years and 4 months over a lifetime. With Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other up and coming social sites or chat apps like Twitch, Reddit and Whatsapp all distracting us, along with a constant stream of news and dating apps being much more commonplace now, exactly how are we supposed to forge out the time for work?!

This is where the Pomodoro Technique comes in, in the shape of Focus Booster. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo, who broke chunks of work time down into short 20-25 minute intervals with short breaks in between. The premise is that you feel mentally refreshed by the short breaks in between bursts of work. Focus Booster uses the technique with an easy to use timer, providing you with 25-minute intervals (pomodoros) separated by 5 minute breaks. You can download the app onto Windows and Mac and it is free to download.

It is a simple tool but, such a useful aid to avoiding distraction continuously. With this app you can keep your social media swiping to those five minute breaks, ensuring you’re working hard in the intervals between.

These are just 3 productivity tools for business available to you at the moment. It can be hard choosing the right one, but you could probably utilise multiple tools for different reasons and help with all-round productivity. Your business time is valuable, so it pays to put some time into researching the best tools to help you get rich in working hours.

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