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Pros for using a Website Builder

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You might be in the process of setting up a website for your business. If that’s the case, you have several options to consider. You can use a professional web designer, a website builder or a content management system like WordPress with plugins.

What’s the right option here? Well, there are many advantages and benefits to gain from using a website builder. Before we look at the advantages, let’s explain what a website builder actually is.

Essentially, a website builder is a shortcut. You don’t need to code the site or know any coding language to set up your new website online. Instead, that’s all taken care of, and you can use the builder to directly alter the user interface.

Typically, you will also find templates you can use as a platform or foundation of the new site. This is perhaps the first advantage of using a website builder.

Pros Of A Website Builder

It’s Simple

Since you don’t need coding or any technical knowledge, business owners find it incredibly easy to use a website builder to set up their new space online. You’ll be able to see exactly what your website is going to look like when you’re designing it without needing to go behind the scenes of what makes the site run. It’s simpler than using WordPress as well.

With WordPress, you need to install the software onto your domain to use the content management system. This does require you to be slightly tech-savvy, and on top of this, you have to learn how to use the different specific features of a system.

In WordPress, if you don’t know the technical term, you’ll find it difficult to change or alter the site in the way that you want.

Website builders are different because you have systems like Wix’s What You See Is What You Get Editor. You’ll be able to drag and drop content into your website, changing it in real-time with the click of a button.

It’s Cheap

You might have realized that since a website builder is a fast tool to use, it’s also a cheap process to build a professional-looking site. You will be able to DIY, and that will save you from hiring an expensive web designer.

While web designers can be useful to ensure your new site stands out online a good designer can cost a lot of money. In many cases, you will also have to use the designer again to make changes to the site.

As such, a web builder is the best option if your business is currently unproven and untested. You can easily set up a website for a low cost that looks quite impressive.

It’s Self Contained

A website builder will also be self-contained. This means that you will access everything you need to build the site from the original builder. You won’t need to outsource or use other software to build a professional website, keeping the process cheap and simple.

Any Cons?

Arguably the biggest con of the website builder is that your site won’t be as unique as it could be with a web designer or developer’s services. That said, you can still get a fantastic looking site using a builder that you’ll be able to complete yourself at a price that’s value for money. As such, for businesses just starting out, a website builder is highly recommended.