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Packaging Design For Online Sales: Does It Matter?

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Traditional barriers to entry including obstacles like price that prevent new entrants into a market no longer exist for selling stuff online. Outsourcing, third-party services, and ecommerce solutions in general encourage small business owners and entrepreneurs to grow a business online.

Of course, this makes the market saturated and competitive so products need to stand out in order to connect with potential customers and sell. Product packaging has been well utilised over decades particularly in retail, but does packaging still matter in today’s ecommerce era?

The Right First Impression

As we all know, first impressions matter and as a business owner you want your customers first impression of your product to be positive. A soft-touch texture and a simple yet authentic packaging design can really alter the entire customer experience by producing the right first impression.

Quality product packaging also induces confidence. One of the most effective ways of building credibility for your brand is with good packaging, since it naturally induces confidence. Customers are also more likely to purchase your product again when it is packaged beautifully.

Standing Out

In retail, product packaging design is used to increase shelf impact, with it’s sole aim to stand out and attract customers. The same impact is actually present online as well. Customers rely on product photos and images when comparing options online, so having your product packaged beautifully does help grab an emotion from the prospective customer.

On the other hand, you also want the packaging to be honest and simple enough for online use. Avoid small letters and long descriptions; they are often not big enough to read on an online catalogue anyway. Use colors that match your brand and invest in packaging with a clear and easy-to-understand message.

Practical Advantages

Let’s not forget that the quality of the packaging will also influence the perception of quality of your product by the time it reaches the customers. If you sell home-made almond milk, for example, having a durable label is crucial. People will get the impression of quality when they see the high-quality label and pristine glass (or plastic) bottle.

Obtaining high quality packaging used to be challenging for smaller businesses due to cost however like everything else it’s now more affordable in smaller quanitities. While suppliers prefer to cater to larger corporations for their higher quantity orders. Today, however, we have vendors such as offering top-notch labels and packaging options at affordable prices in small orders.

So, does packaging still matter? The answer is a big yes. Customers may not pick your product off of a shelf in a retail store, but they still interact and connect with the product after making an online purchase. The packaging will help create the right first impression, by inducing that feeling of confidence in the quality of the product, and help you and your brand establish a stronger relationship with the customers.

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