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Tips on Creating a Better Working Atmosphere


It is clear that most people perform far better when they are in a building that has a good working atmosphere. The good news is that there are some fairly simple tips to let you improve the working atmosphere in any space that isn’t perfect just now. The following are some very easy ways of giving your team a place to work that helps their productivity and creative process, among other benefits.

Get the Right Temperature

Having the wrong temperature can lead to big problems in any working space. People can get drowsy if it is too hot or become ill if it is too cold. Air conditioning, ceiling fans and humidifiers are a few of the tools that can help you to get this just right. There is no single answer to the question of what is the ideal working temperature, although a lot of people swear by 22 Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ultimately, this is a question of personal taste so finding the best temperature for a group of employees can be tricky. Of course, using individual pieces of equipment such as small ceiling fans and personal humidifiers allows each person to adjust the environment around them to their own needs.

Allow More Natural Light In

Natural light is something that we all need in order to feel healthy and be productive. If your team works in semi-darkness or with only artificial light then it is going to have an effect on how well they get on.

Opening some curtains and blinds is the simplest solution in this case. However, if there are currently no windows that allow light in then you might need to consider carrying out some alterations to the building in order to help everyone to enjoy more natural light during the day. Access to natural light is said to improve our mood, while it also boosts creativity and productivity at work.

Add Some Plants

The benefit of adding plants to the workplace is something that shouldn’t be under-estimated. As well as helping to provide cleaner air, plants can also work to reduce noise and keep workers freer of stress.

The use of plants at work has also been linked to lowered sickness levels and higher productivity. Some people have even linked it to improvement in terms of creativity.

The green approach has certainly got to be worth a try if you want to make your staff more comfortable and productive.

Create a Space for Relaxation

There is a growing trend for companies to add relaxation spaces for their staff. This can range from an area with comfortable sofas to a room for naps or a yoga space.

The idea in this case is that your staff feel more relaxed and satisfied if they have a space where they can relax at work. If you are in a stressful business then this could be especially important, as this zone will let them unwind when they feel the need to get away from it all for a spell.

This doesn’t have to be a particularly big area or somewhere that is expensive to equip. A simple relaxation zone that can be used when it is needed can work wonders for stressed out employees needing a short break.

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