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Surrounded by Kids: What You Need to Know to Run a Daycare Center

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Do you love hanging out with your kids or grandkids? If so, and if you want to run your own business, a neighborhood daycare center might be just right for you. Of course, you will need to know a few things before you hang your welcome sign and start accepting clients. In the interest of happy kids and care providers, we are pleased to present a few tricks and tips about how to run a safe and successful daycare center.

Location, location, location

If your house is spacious enough for the number of kids for which you want to provide sitting services, you may be able to operate a professional daycare center in your home. If not, you will need to find a separate building that is roomier. Look for a place that has a large, enclosed outdoor area where kids can run around and play. If you plan to care for children of various ages, seek a structure with several rooms so you can divvy up your care kids by age. Consider bathrooms, too. Children of potty-training age benefit when you install low toilets just for them as per the daycare experts at the Houston Chronicle.

Permits, please

Step One toward obtaining your daycare permit is deciding whether your facility will be for profit or not. Both types of daycare centers are required to register with local authorities, but a non-profit facility may be required to fill out more paperwork to prove a tax-exempt status.To operate a for-profit daycare center, you will need a Federal Tax ID Number. You can apply for this online.

Next, you’ll have to deal with zoning. If you rent a building that’s already zoned for child care, you’ll save gobs of time getting your daycare license. If you plan to serve hot meals, you may be required to obtain a license similar to a restaurant, advises Forbes magazine.

Outfitting and staffing your daycare facility

Kids play, and they need plenty of space to do it. Fence your outdoor areas and make sure there are no hazards. Ensure the safety of swing-sets and slides before inviting families to leave their kids at your daycare center. Indoors, set up a large area, and stock it with age-appropriate toys. Playthings that provide learning opportunities and physical fitness are preferable but do offer some toys that are just for goofing around, too. If you provide a selection of battery operated toys, find here a great place to stock up on rechargeable batteries. Remember to cap outlets, lock cabinets, and be sure to keep danger well out of reach.

If you care for more than a couple of kids, you’ll want a competent staff in place before you open your doors for business. Interview persons with childcare experience, do background checks, ask if they’re willing to take part in educational
trips like those provided by World Strides, and be sure to provide an employee handbook that clearly outlines expectations along with curriculum, pay rates, and how to report and deal with unexpected emergencies.

As long as there are families, daycare will be a viable business. Do it right, and you could build a nice income for yourself while having a great time with little kids.