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Seven Reliable Ways of Making Content Marketing More Effective

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Are you wasting time and resources on content marketing?

If you’re contributing high-value blog posts, articles and other types of content that is unique and relevant to your intended audience, then the answer is no.

You are clearly doing great work and but there’s more to ensuring your content has the desired effect on your audience. There are many ways to reach, collaborate with and improve the rate of conversion with your content.

In this blog post, we will look at all the ways you can get a higher return on your investment, and we’re not just referring to monetary investment but also time.

Broaden Your Content Reach

Let’s begin with reach – how do you get your content into the minds of your customers? Well, you need to be where your customers are. For example, if they spend a lot of time on Linkedin, you too must grow a community on that social platform.

Social Media – Create Your Own Community

Start the process of identifying where your customers are on social media with research. Incentivize your customers to share with you which social medial platforms that prefer and why. Offer a discount on their next purchase or send them a promotional product like a branded mug or t-shirt.

Rewarding your customers to participate in your research is vital so you can save time and investment when setting up your business presence and getting involved in social media conversation.

Email marketing

Send your latest blog posts, news and company updates as well as special offers or promotions to your email marketing list. The fastest way to drive up your visitor traffic is through your email marketing messages. Commit to a newsy email once a month and view your Google Analytics for insights on visitor behaviour.


Join forces or collaborate with like-minded professionals or businesses that are complementary or synergistic to your offerings. You can engage in joint ventures and social good projects. Consumers are more discerning on how businesses are reducing their carbon footprint and using sustainable practices.

Create content that shares your values and contribute articles for other websites, each with a link back to your site.

Everyone loves a feel-good story – and there is no end to how you can use content to spread the message. Giving back to those in need may include time spent doing charitable work in your local community or raising money for a specific cause like medical research, or donating to an aid agency.

Use Different Content Types

One sure way to make your content marketing more effective is to mix it up. There are many different types of content, including:

Blog posts

Create relevant high-value unique text using headings, bullet points, tables and images. Add your source links. Avoid selling in your blog posts.
Create videos and also add a summary of what each video is about so the visitor will click and watch the video.

Social media posts

There is a lot of freedom on social media to share whatever you want. However, keep it on the topic on your business profiles and always think before you create a post. Use all types of content, including quizzes, games, surveys, to capture more information on your customers.

Remember, once your posts are online and viewed by your followers and shared, there’s no way to remove them. A business reputation can be made and broken in just a few clicks.


Measurement is key to understanding the effectiveness of your content and other digital marketing strategies. Keenly view your site analytics and also your opens and clicks from your email marketing messages. Ask for feedback from your network of customers, followers and advocates.

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