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Optimize your video for Facebook ads

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Online videos are now one of the main sources of information. As a result, businesses realise they too must present dynamic content in videos. Whether it is company news, product and service updates or knowledge sharing, short videos of just a few minutes keep visitors on your site for longer.

Plus, video advertising is also a strategic move for businesses. Video viewers see the ads for a few seconds before the video content commences, and that is often enough for viewers to watch the whole advert and click through to the source site. YouTube’s main source of revenue is its video advertising.

Research from Hubspot says 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name believe video has the best ROI.

So what about Facebook video ads? Social media and videos are the perfect combination and it’s easier than it has ever been to use video for your Facebook ads.

Here are a few tips on optimizing your videos for Facebook ads.

Attract Interest Immediately

When it comes to video ads, it’s the first two to three seconds that make or break the advert’s success. If you’ve not grabbed their interest within a few seconds, they will skip the ad. At best, you have a total of around eight seconds to wow your customer with your video ad.

In fact, research from Social Media Examiner showed only 33% of people watch a Facebook ad video till the end.

The saying curiosity killed the cat is really people showing interest in another person’s private life. Still, you can also use inquisitiveness as a way to grab and keep your customers attention on your video advert. Make sure you show them something that will make them curious and want to watch more, and if they make it to the end, you want to let them know where they can get more information, i.e. your call to action must also pique their curiosity.


Make sure to place a call-to-action in your video ad more than once. If they miss the one, they are sure to get the final call to action.

Your video needs to have a point for a successful call to action – what is it you are trying to get them to do? Share something interesting and relevant, then let them know where to get more of it or solve a problem.

Use oCPM

You should choose oCPM bidding or Optimized Cost per Mille, the most flexible ad bid type to date. This allows you to have a better click-through rate compared to CPC ads.

oCPM type of bidding will target people who will most likely click on the website after your video, rather than those who might just be engaged with the video. This action generally helps to create a lower cost per view for your budget.

You can check out more information on oCPM through the Facebook ad bidding guide for beginners.

Target audience

Make sure to choose the right target audience. For example, Facebook ad videos can choose people who have seen your videos or content before. That way, you can specify things more.

Aiming for the audience that will most likely visit your site is key, and it is important to not make the audience range so broad.

Create custom audiences

Elect to create multiple audiences for your video ads. Consider ads for two audiences based on customer data and video ad performance metrics.

For example, for the people who have watched at least three seconds of the video, send a different ad to the one you’d send to the people who have watched 95% of the video. You can utilize this to create multiple versions of your video to test out the most effective audience.

Facebook insights will also give you useful information about custom audiences and determining the most engaged users with your content.

So are your Facebook video ads optimized? If not, then time to utilize this information and get started! Here is another article of using Video content for Business