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HWY Pro: New App Might Save the Future of the Trucking Industry

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The newly developed app, HWY Pro, might save the trucking industry by helping to solve looming issues like driver shortages, increasing driver stress, and electronic log capacity strain.

HWY Pro was developed by Bill Busbice alongside two colleagues who all once owned Ace Transportation, a highly ranked trucking company that served the oil and gas industry. Busbice has been a well-respected professional in the trucking industry for many years and understands the industry inside and out.

Uber for Truckers

HWY Pro is being labeled as the Uber for truckers by its developers. Uber, famously, streamlined ride sharing for consumers across the country. HWY Pro aims to streamline the transportation of goods through a trucking network. Truckers still rely on an outdated system to organize loads and dispatches. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, and even worse is the time consumed by making phone calls to various third parties. In popular belief, truckers spend most of their time driving on the road. In reality, driving is only a part of the incredibly stressful work schedules truckers have to follow.

HWY Pro’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the long hours and frustrating paperwork for truckers so that operators can “just drive”. HWY Pro offers a number of productivity features to increase efficiency in delivering loads. Truckers can use the app to arrange tens of thousands of loads without taking on the additional paperwork. The app allows users to arrange a dispatch in six clicks or less.

Truckers Can Spend More Time at Home

The most useful and truly remarkable feature HWY Pro offers is a team of freight specialists readily available for all users. Freight specialists can offload some additional tasks truckers have to endure. Namely, the specialists can arrange loads at truck stops. Truckers often have to spend time at truck stops waiting for loads to offset the fuel costs on long journeys. That amounts to more time wasted on the road that truckers could be spending at home. HWY Pro’s specialists can arrange loads to be picked up on regular routes so truckers don’t have to wait.

HWY Pro is a godsend for truckers who wish to make the workload more efficient. Users of the app can cut back on days of time waste and instead spend that time at home with family.

Solving Industry-Wide Issues

HWY Pro is not only useful to individual truckers, it’s also a major contributor towards solving industry-wide problems. The trucking sector is facing a driver shortage right now. By 2025, the industry could be up to 25 percent short of drivers, says Mr. Busbice. The aim is to prevent putting an unnecessary strain on the transportation of goods transport over long distance, either by plane, haulage says The driver shortage is mainly caused by potential recruits being put off by the stress of the work. The business of trucking is tough, but it doesn’t have to be wasteful. When the industry uses apps like HWY Pro, it eliminates most of the stress associated with work, encouraging more people to join.

The trucking industry is also facing a federal mandate on switching from paper logs to electronic logs. Mr. Busbice predicts that this will eventually lead to capacity overload. Using an app like HWY Pro could relieve the situation.

HWY Pro is currently available for direct download from the app’s official website,

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