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How To Create a Family Atmosphere Within Your Business

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Day after day, we go to and from our place of business. Most of us view it as the 8 hours a day that takes us away from what we would rather be doing. We clock in, survive the day, clock out, go home and repeat the process, usually 5 days a week.

What if there was a way to go to work and look forward to going? What if we couldn’t wait to spend time at work, because it was like spending time at home? Below are a few ideas that may turn the dreaded “salt mines” into home away from home.

Corporate Meals

If there’s anything most of us remember most about our childhood, it was the family dinners. Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers gathered around one table, taking part in Mom or Dad’s latest creation and discussing the day together. There was no television allowed at dinner, no cell phones to distract the conversation, and manners prevailed. . . Most of the time.

Most companies have, at least two shifts. The majority of the time, all three meals are covered within those shifts. Make an effort to share at least one meal per shift with all employees present and talk about the day together.

Reading/Resting Nooks

One of the best centers in school was the reading center. At anytime of the day that the teacher observed as free time, you could walk over to the reading center, grab a book, and plop down on a bean bag and just chill out or sit down at the computer and surf without consequence. It was reminiscent of relaxing in your bedroom at home while listening to music.

Such a corner in the workplace would not only be fun, but has been proven to increase quality productivity. It’s a good way to combine all that you need in work and home.You could even use the time to check your email, social media, or check on something you were trying to make a buck on. Make sure your employees have a place to rest their brain for a moment. Some businesses even goes as far as to have a napping room equipped with several cots.

Family Night

Quite a few households recognize this term, because it is something they practice at least once a month. With the quickening pace of life, it’s essential to slow down and make time to spend quality time with each other.

This idea is a great one to carry over to your business. Once a month, hold a family game or movie night where all your employees and their families can come and hang out together for a couple of hours. This will solidify the bonds between colleagues and the families of workers will develop a sense of belonging to your company, as well.

In the old days, work was part of home life. It made communities closer and encouraged a bond that helped them have a good time together, watch out for each other’s children, and defend their communities against foreign invaders.

The reason home and work are separate now is unclear but if you, as the CEO take the steps above, you can bring back that village mentality. Not only will your bottom line thank you, so will your employees.