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Gifting Green – Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Your Clients or Staff Will Love

In the current age of ecological crisis, corporations large and small are falling over themselves to prove their environmentally friendly credentials. Being seen to be green is now just as much about branding and public image as it is about protecting our planet. Many companies go to considerable effort and expense to minimize the environmental impact of their operations, while a look at any public firm’s prospectus is sure to locate an environmental statement. A green mindset should not stop with your public image. Sometimes it’s the little things, like your choice of corporate gifts for clients, partners or staff, for example, that are a perfect opportunity to express your gratitude while at the same time reinforcing your company values. Let’s look at a few eco-friendly gifts that they will love:

Reusable Coffee Cups

In the US alone, 25 billion paper coffee cups end up in landfill every year, generating almost 175,000 tons of waste. Reusable coffee cups offer the perfect answer for this monumental issue. Everyone has their own personal brew that they love. A quality cup that they can use over and over will add a welcome extra dimension to the daily java experience. Print your logo on the cup, and your clients will have you in mind every time they settle back to savor their morning pick me up.

Eco Shopping Bags

According to some measures, somewhere between 500 million and 1 trillion plastic grocery bags are used throughout the world each year. Far too many of this staggering sum end up suffocating or poisoning wildlife, clogging drains, or cluttering oceans and landfill. Fortunately, many people are waking up to the disastrous environmental impact of these ubiquitous items. Those who try to choose paper should not get complacent. A chronic oversupply of recyclable paper products way outstrips demand. This has sent raw materials prices plummeting, and much of the material ultimately ends up in landfill after all. Fortunately, more and more people are cottoning on to the benefits of reusable shopping bags. Many are made from environmentally sustainable materials and are fast becoming an essential fashion item for shoppers everywhere. For low cost, convenience and positive eco impact, eco shopping bags are a perfect option.

Stationery Objects

As alluded to above, a major issue in the recycling industry is a catastrophic surplus of raw materials. There are simply not enough producers manufacturing sufficient volumes of recycled products to keep up with the supply. This results in obscene quantities of recyclable material ending up in landfill despite consumers’ best intentions. For this reason, purchasing products made from recycled materials is a critical part of the eco-friendly chain. There are huge ranges of attractive, practical stationery and office products that fit this bill. Pads, notebooks, planners to desk caddies, even pens pencils and computer products can all be found in recycled versions. Clients will love the practical way to make a difference.

Dressing the Part

Just as technology has created much of our environmental issues, sometimes it can also contribute to the solution. A wide array of synthetic fibers made from recycled, and/or sustainable materials such as plant cellulose, bamboo, hemp, PET are available on the market. Indistinguishable from traditional fibers, they provide a real alternative that recipients will be delighted with, look great in and feel wonderful about themselves. T-shirts, polo-shirts and baseball caps are just some of the many apparel items that most promotional product companies stock.

Whatever your preference, showing you care about our planet can be just as persuasive a marketing technique as expressing how much you appreciate the people that help make your business successful.

Fitzgerald O’Shaughnesseyis a writer, thinker and bon vivant with years of experience in the field of marketing. With an unfeasibly large vocabulary, dashing good looks and insightful business mind, Fitzgerald contributes to numerous blogs and journals, while managing his own haberdashery business. When not writing, researching, matching fabrics or playing the didgeridoo, Fitzgerald can be found practicing latin dance and cross-stitch.

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