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Design Elements That Need to Be in Place Before Your Startup Gets off the Ground

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Graphic design is a fundamental part of business marketing, and branding, and it’s more important now than ever before as we all compete for eyeballs. Your business will have an online presence and it needs to market itself to get customers and grow. How your business is perceived online has a lot to do with graphic design . Therefore your start-up business needs to decide to either hire a graphic design (GD) expert or you could start out doing it all on your own with easy-to-use software like Easil. While it looks easy to do, it can be time consuming and time is money so make sure you have put the best person on the job. Plus make sure these design elements are in place before your startup is up and running.

An Unforgettable Logo

You know you need some kind of logo. The quality of that logo matters.

You may think you can get away with a plain, stylized version of your business name for now, but you’ll only end up confusing customers and clients down the road when you decide to join the big leagues and have a professional logo designed.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few things you have to think about when creating, not just any old logo, but one that is easily recognizable:

  • Font: The wrong font can send the wrong message
  • Shapes: Certain shapes can appeal to the logical or creative sides of the brain
  • Colors: What colors do you want people to associate with your brand
  • Symbols: Do you want to shorten your company name and use an easier to recognize symbol?

Getting all that done before your company launches means you won’t have to spend time on it later when you have a million other things to do.

A Cohesive Color Palette

It’s important to consider color when creating your logo because those colors will permeate all of your advertising and marketing materials. However, you may want to consider a few complementary colors to keep things fresh.

Decide which colors you want to use before you get up and running. That way, when customers and clients start opening emails and seeing your logo, they’ll know immediately who you are.

A Visually Pleasing, Easy-To-Navigate Website

With social media, many companies are wondering why you even need a website. Although you may be tempted to go where the people are, a good website still matters to your business.

Not only can it generate local and global interest, it provides you with a home base. What would happen if your account was suspended on Facebook tomorrow, or Twitter crashed? With your own website, you can continue to connect with customers and clients through email lists and blog posts, regardless of the latest changes to the policies on social media.

Getting your startup off the ground is exciting. You may be tempted to get started as soon as possible, but it really is better to mark these design to-do’s off your list right away. Not only is it better for your business, it means you won’t have to try and make time for it later when you have too many other things that require your attention.

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