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Corporate Health and Beauty Help: What your Employer’s Wellness Benefits Can Do for You


Now that the 21st century is in full swing, an ever increasing number of workplaces are providing corporate wellness programs that support the health and fitness of their employees. These forward-thinking programs can improve your health and personal beauty, too. Want to know how corporate wellness programs work? Read on.

Big bucks backing up corporate wellness programs

In 2017, corporate wellness programs are an $8 billion (yes, that’s billion with a B) industry and are expected to grow by some 8 percent in the next few years, says Fast Company magazine. According to many experts, corporate wellness programs worldwide amount to more than $40 billion annually. That’s a lot of money going to help employees and staff feel better and look better, too.

Helping employees and their families, too

A growing body of research predicts that before long, larger companies may soon help employees with child and elder care. This significant portion of the populace may benefit financially and emotionally from such modern wellness programs. Vacation time is imperative to employee wellness, too. For this reason, many companies create incentives for employees who take some time off. In fact, some corporations now insist that employees use their annual vacation time. This allows employees to rest and decompress before coming back to work with a refreshed attitude and willingness to excel.

If your company demanded that you take a vacation, where would you go, and what would you do? If you’re like a lot of American workers, you might consider cosmetic surgery during your downtime. If a breast augmentation or tummy tuck sounds like a great way to spend your vacation, and if you are in Florida, get in touch with Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Services and talk about your beauty goals.

Nutritional guidance may be incorporated into the corporate wellness program where you work. This makes perfect sense because science says that persons who eat right tend to do better in all their endeavors, including work. When employees learn the benefits of better food choices, they may miss fewer work days due to illness, says The Balance magazine.

Fruits and veggies are on the top of everyone’s feel-better-look-better list. Some people benefit greatly from a low-fat diet. Others thrive on low-carb, high protein fare. The trick is to find an eating plan that works for you and stick with it. Weight loss and better-fitting clothes are nice side benefits of corporate wellness programs that emphasize healthier eating.

Helping employees eliminate bad habits

If the company you work for offers a smoking cessation program with your corporate wellness plan, go for it. Nicotine nasal spray, over the counter lozenges, and other smoking cessation aids can help you in your efforts to be done with that vile habit, advises Mayo Clinic.

Stress reduction is another feature of many corporate wellness programs. Depression, anger, and anxiety are workplace wreckers, so it stands to reason that companies that offer a time and place for meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques may be doing themselves a fine favor as they help their employees to relax.

On-site workout facilities provide health benefits to many employees. If your company provides a gym, basketball court, or tennis court and showers, that’s a great way to start or end your corporate workday. Company sports teams also build camaraderie whilst boosting the health of employees and executives. Exercise may also offer beauty boosting benefits of clearer skin, fewer wrinkles, and increased blood circulation.

On-site, at-work wellness services can make all the difference in company morale. Organized lunchtime walking groups have a good time while reducing workplace stress and improving employee attitudes.


Most corporate wellness programs encourage employees to get a good night’s sleep. Not only will getting your eight hours make you a better worker, it may make you look better and feel better, too. Some companies now offer on-site massage therapy, employee counseling, and exercise programs designed to keep employees at their optimal level of health and happiness.

It’s a fact of corporate life that some employees who spend all day behind a desk gain weight, smoke and participate in other unhealthy habits. A first class corporate wellness program offers wonderful employee benefits that extend well beyond the workplace.

Does the company you work for offer a good corporate wellness program? If you’re not sure, arrange to have a chat with your human resources officer. You may be entitled to more health-boosting benefits than you realize.

William Johnston has been known to moan about his job where he’s a statistic rather than a person with thoughts and feelings, but actually – after a potential redundancy that didn’t happen – He can now count his blessings and be thankful for all that his work provides him with.

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