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Company outings: Worthy investment or waste of valuable time?

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Too much dedication and commitment to work can result in a lack of motivation, impalement of morale and eventual employee burnout. Even the top executives of leading companies will undoubtedly agree that company outings are extremely important if you want to maintain employee satisfaction because the happier the staff, the better your company is expected to perform in this competitive globe. Company outings are one such example that can boost all the right things for the employee and we are going to be explaining why that is.

1. Too much work can cause severe burn out

In some work environments, you do get a standard two-day holiday during the weekend but is that honestly sufficient to recharge the right form of energy for your employees? Of course not and there is where the element of company outings come into play. If your budget allows, Wijnspijs is an ideal getaway for you and for your staff if you want to temporarily stay away from the corporate environment and find nothing but peace and quiet for a short period of time. There are several activities that can be carried out as per your request and we are certain that the employees will appreciate the quality time off.

2. Company outings will result in better employee engagement leading to better results

If you want better employee responses towards your company then outings are an ideal decision on your part. There is nothing worse than a disgruntled employee and while such people can eventually be replaced overtime with new hired help, it is always difficult explaining them the ropes around the environment, which would end up costing you more in overheads and decreased output.

Keeping an employee for a longer term is actually a much safer bet because he or she is already familiar with the workings of the organization meaning that extra time is not going to be wasted in explaining to them how to do the right things at the right time. Annual company outings are the best time to rejuvenate all the positive things from an employee and you will evidently see the difference in companies who do not give their staff time off for recreational purposes.

3. A happier employee results in a better brand name

While company outings will help to get more output from an employee due to vacations, it should also be noted that your workers are representatives of your organization whether they are in their swimming attire or office clothes. With their positive attitude, they can put a real good and long-lasting impression on clients if these company outings are a regular thing. For example, Spotify has regular concerts, and employees are able to engage with different people from time to time. Who knows, those ‘different’ people might actually end up being investors wanting to do something for the company if they find out the owners treat their workers like family and not cattle.

Company outings might cost you funds from your organization but it is more detrimental not to give your employees a well-deserved time off.