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A Co-Op Internship Program Opens Doors 

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When companies put a call out to new MBA graduates for entry level positions, they look for a variety of things, namely the quality of education applicants received, the extra-curriculars and projects they’ve pursued, and on-the-job experience (provided by internships and co-op placements). Without real world experience, companies can’t be sure that a prospective applicant will have the tools to put their learning into practise. It is therefore imperative that those applying for their Masters now choose a program offering co-op placements with some of the most esteemed companies in business.

Where someone pursues their study is also important. For example, if the atmosphere is one of innovation and motivation, students are more likely to become involved in extra-curricular activities that further their learning and their ability to see initiatives through. Pursuing study in Waterloo, Canada’s startup capital, will offer this advantage. Because there are so many entrepreneurs working in the region, resources like the Communitech Hub and Launchpad incubator program for new ideas have emerged. An MBA coop internship program allows candidates to test out business strategies outside of their degrees, which offers something valuable for the resume.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics which is located in the area also offers a comprehensive full-time MBA with co-op placement. The program guarantees a 100% work term employment rate for their candidates’ first term. The school offers eight months of working experience, allowing students to get paid while earning their degree. It also reduces debt while enabling them to make lasting connections in their industry, get hands-on experience, and obtain positive references for the future – a co-op can even lead to full-time employment. What’s more is students will still have the chance to choose one of 10 specializations within their MBA elective.

The Vice President of Finance for Seasons Retirement Communities, Raheem Hirji was a graduate of this program just in 2010. The ability to work while studying and apply concepts learned in the classroom to real world situations was his most valuable take away. It also offered him important networking opportunities and taught him transferable skills. He mentions international studying opportunities and summer internships the program offers in his interview. It provided him with eye-opening experiences and showed him how companies around the world adapted to their environments in order to reach their business goals. The school has offered these international excursions to Spain, Germany, India, Turkey, South Africa, and China.

When choosing an MBA program, prospective students should consider the school that will provide important hands-on experience, and put them into real world scenarios allowing them a space to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. Picking a program that fosters well-rounded graduates is key to their standing out among the many academically inclined people from around the globe who’ll be earning the same designation. If a graduate has both the knowledge, the practical know-how, and can back that up with references from mentors and employers, it will put them on the fast track to success and towards finding that high-profile job they desire.

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