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4 Most Thrilling Things About Travelling To Israel For Business

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Called Israel by some people and called Palestine by others, this little piece of land hemmed by water has always been as controversial as they can possibly get.

Whether you talk about Gaza, the West Bank, or even Jerusalem, Israel is always the centre of attention for one political reason or another. Still, politics isn’t the only thing that this special land is famous for.

Religious sites, a plethora of seas, lush greenery, and everlasting deserts, Israel has them all, and all this combines to make Israel one of the most attractive places for visitors from all around the planet.

It’s a great place for business travellers and a wonderful place for your next vacation, so we’re going to give you 4 thrilling reasons why Israel is a place that thrills.

The holiest of all places:

Islam, Christianity, and Jewish are three of the most common and most famous religions globally. Plus while all these three religions have a religious headquarters so to speak, such as, Makkah for Islam, Vatican City for Christianity etc., Israel contains places that are considered really sacred by the people of all these three religions.

For Muslims, Masjid Al-Aqsa is why Jerusalem means so much to them. This is where they believe that Prophet Mohammad came to this particular place during his journey and prayed alongside other prophets’ souls.

For Christians, the land of Israel is where the Church of Holy Sepulchre is located. Besides that, the city of Nazareth is where Jesus grew up, so you can understand the significance.

For the Jews, it contains the last remaining wall of the Holy Temple.

The sightseeing:

Israel is blessed with the most amazing natural and manmade sights you can ever possibly see.

From the luxurious greenery at Golan Heights and Haifa to the never-ending deserts of Ramon Crater, and from the sensational waters of the Mediterranean to the salty waters of the dead sea, you name it, Israel has it.

That’s not all, apart from all this, Israel also has vibrant beaches and the ever amazing, Sea of Galilee. In addition to that, the West Bank and Gaza strip offer another side of living and travelling to Israel.

A 26-meter high wall is what separates the vicinity of Israel controlled territory to Hamas controlled territory. All these things make tours to Israel real fun and really exciting.

The diversity:

When someone talks about Israel, you immediately start thinking about Jewish people. Although Jews do represent most of the population in Israel, they are certainly not the only one. Other parts of Israel may have a pretty evident demographic, but Tel Aviv takes the cake when it comes to diversity.

Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, is the epitome of universalness and variety. This city is pretty interesting when it comes to the famous spots it has and is fascinating because of the people who live in it. Tel Aviv is one of the most open-minded cities you are ever going to see.

People of this city and Israel, in general, are very welcoming towards tourists and other guests, so you can feel right at home when you go there. Plus, the open-mindedness and the liberalism exhibited by the inhabitants of this city also invites a lot of praise from the visitors.

The food:

Keeping in mind that Israel is the birthplace of Hummus, the first thing anybody would expect from Israel is the quality and quantity of food. If you plan to travel to Israel anytime soon, know that you can enjoy over 280 dishes at every restaurant or hotel in the nation.

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