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Why It Pays To Maintain Work & Home Air Conditioning Units

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Air conditioning is now commonplace and is visible everywhere even in older buildings in cities like London with it’s 150 year old ‘London underground‘ tube network.  The filtered temperature-controlled air provided by the aircon units can make sure workers don’t nod off especially mid-afternoon when lunch has settled and the room temperature is usually at it’s warmest.  However when it comes to regular maintenance of aircon units it’s not always a priority of businesses and homeowners.

Maintenance of aircon units is more than a quick wipe of the unit itself and a fail to acknowledge the importance of regularly getting the professional clean (inside and out), can have catastrophic health implications so while this article is somewhat more prosaic than most of our businessblogs articles; it’s nonetheless an important read for anyone responsible for people and property.    Like most machines, when aircon units are taken care of they can exceed their expected lifetime and thus justify the investment, so here are a few more reasons for maintaining your air conditioner at work and home.

  1. Longevity- when you maintain the air conditioner, you can extend its life for many years. What’s more, it will work to its best efficiency.
  2. Cost-effective- maintenance vs replacement. If you maintain your machine and it works well for you, then you won’t need to buy a new one. An annual service contract or regular service can ensure that you don’t have to buy a new air conditioner, saving money on not just equipment but installation costs too.
  3. Energy-saving- an essential part of the AC are the filters. Cleaning and replacing them is one of the core tasks of maintenance. Not just the filters, the slats and the coils need to be cleaned regularly. When they are not, the performance of the machine comes down and the energy it consumes, rises. Maintaining your machine makes it run smoothly, saving you money on power bills too.
  4. Moisture worries eliminated- moisture tends to form on the walls, rugs and carpets for two reasons. One, moisture tampers with the metal case of the air conditioner, loosening the space between the AC and the window. Two, if the drains are not clean, water drips out of the machine and humidity increases. In case of the gap in the former case, cool air can be escaping from the room, not giving you the coolness that you need. During maintenance, drains and seals are checked thoroughly, eliminating this sort of issue.
  5. Season preparation- you might need to pack your device away for the worst of winter or during Fall. Having a technician dismantle, clean and pack it away makes it easier to reuse.
  6. Maintenance is necessary to check certain parameters, including the level of refrigerant, heating and cooling system and electric terminals.
  7. Leaks in an AC can be deadly. The room can be filled with toxic fumes, exposure to which can have serious repercussions. With regular service, this can be prevented.

Air conditioners really are more complex than you think and they need regular maintenance by experts. Both, your health and the productivity of the machine depends on it. The popularity of air conditioners in the workplace and home has seen a huge rise in commercial cleaners and unit suppliers and in big cities like London air conditioning experts are ubiquitous however it pays to shop around and choose the business like Daikin who can take care of your specific needs and that may include purchasing or leasing your units with a business that also takes care of the maintenance.   While it’s a fairly boring topic, you’ll know that each time, your aircon units are checked and cleaned  you’re not only looking after your employees health and avoiding other potential hazards you’re also getting the most out of your investment.