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What workplace personality are you?

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Following this simple infographic quiz, you’ll be able to find out exactly what role you play in your office dynamic. Following the steps of this quiz and you will get your answers in no time.

While at work you have your job role clearly laid out in front of you, for example, if you are an analyst then your role in the company is very defined. If you are an intern your role may not be as defined other roles, but you still fill a role within the company you’re working for. For some people, they go above and beyond their duties and take on many other roles, which make them harder to define. However, what kind of employee you are may be completely different. There are many different types of employees present in the office dynamic, by taking this quiz you are able to see which office personality you are.

You could be the office people pleaser! Always up for offering someone a compliment, always stepping out of the way of others and allowing them to finish what they are saying. You also agree with everyone and in return, they always help you out should you need any help.

You could be the unassuming climber, secretly climbing the corporate ladder. As the office climber, you may fly under the radar, working hard but not engaging much with other. Climbers are marked by the silent but deadly nature and sometimes they may not even be a threat to others until one day they turn up with a brand new BMW in the office parking lot. Motivated by money and power the climber is a secret weapon.

If you’re the performer of the office then you crave results from all the hard work you put into things. This is not always a bad thing as the performer is willing to work much harder in order to see the results they want.

The most coveted role out of the lot is being the leader. Being the leader of the office means you have a lot more experience than the other team members in the company. The leader is always around if you’re in need of a helping hand or to offer their vast knowledge to the newest recruits to the office.

No matter what your role may be, as long as it does not actually affect your given job role you have nothing to worry about. However, if you fall under the category of being a workaholic then you may not have been able to form and workplace friendships. Friendships are an important part of any office as it helps when members of staff get along.

Cezanne, Human Resources Software, has created this infographic quiz for you. Don’t forget it is just a quiz and cannot actually tell you what office role you play, serving more as a guideline. If you are unhappy with which work place personality you fill, you can always change it!

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