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Small businesses that can bring you humongous revenues

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Small scale businesses are the new trend worldwide and rightly so because they contribute a great deal to the local as well as global economies and are a huge source of earning for many people. The reasons behind it are simple enough: small businesses require relatively small investment and can be run by individuals. People who have got sufficient entrepreneurial skills, some good business ideas and want to be their own boss instead of being an employee can initiate their own small business. Almost all the big corporations today like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Lamborghini, and Harley Davidson started as small businesses in garages and living rooms. With the course of time, they became popular because of the quality of goods and services that they provided and developed to remain ahead of the competition.

There are a number of options for a small business ranging from providing software solutions, making handicrafts, setting up beauty salons to providing services such as auditing, writing, consultancy, and photography. There is absolutely no limit. You will be amazed to know the number of small businesses around the globe and the revenues that they generate. According to Forbes magazine, the numbers of small businesses in the United States are around 28 million which employs close to 22 million people, that is more than half the population. It also points out that the revenue generated from these small businesses was a whopping $989.6 billion in 2011, and it continues to increase each year.

The million dollar idea

The stock exchange breaking news is that the value of public storage Orlando properties is on the rise which shows that there is a lot of potential in the public storage industry. Thus, people who are looking to start small businesses must consider it as an option. The choices available are innumerable. You can start a small storage business just like the company Public Storage Orlando, which was founded by B.Wayne Hughes by converting any piece of land that you, may have into a storage facility. Its success will depend on your marketing and networking skills. By starting small and slowly building up you can even take your business global. 

The insider news

On the outside, the self-storage industry may seem quite intricate and unrewarding but that is not the case. It is as simple as buying and selling stocks in the stock exchange but its value does not fluctuate like stocks in the world of investment. This is because even in times of recession people are going to need the storage space for their private or commercial use. The facilities are red hot nowadays in terms of real estate investment along with their market value and rightly so because their demand is on the rise and the supply to a great extent are limited.

Advice of the experts

So jump in and earn some money. Set up your own shop. The ideal thing is that these storage units do not require a lot of maintenance and upkeep regularly. All you have to do is build these small rooms, market your organization effectively, ensure that you remain ahead of the competition by providing customer service and ensuring the security of the storage units. If not you can always buy shares in the self-storage properties whose value, by the way, is only heading one way and that is upwards.