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How to keep track of employee’s productivity with software


When you are a business owner, your focus is on growth and market share.

More growth should result in more profit. Sometimes employee welfare takes a back seat when staff should be front and center of ongoing business improvement.

Improve employee productivity, and you can also improve your bottom line. Therefore, the success or failure of the business often comes down to how well staff is treated and rewarded.

To reward the employees that deliver, you need to know and have evidence of their activity.

What is the best way to monitor employee productivity?

There are many ways you can keep tabs on the work of your staff. However, we’re focusing on their productivity, which is not the same as keeping eyes on if they’re at their workstation.

With so many distractions, it’s easy for staff to look busy. Everyone needs systems and routines to organize their workload and take necessary breaks to return refreshed and alert. Make sure your staff know how they can up their productivity with better organization.

Plus, as a business, you can use software to understand who is productive and which employees need help to remove distractions and focus on completing tasks.


This is the perfect software to start with if you want your employees to be more productive.

Workboard is free to use and implements real-time technology to keep your employees on their toes and akin to the tasks they are supposed to be doing.

With the help of Workboard, you can assign tasks to your employees, set time limits, and even set priorities to inform them of what is expected of them clearly and concisely.

It is also a team-management software, so everything you do or everything that your team does is obvious to every other team member, which brings in a lot of transparency.


ezClocker is a one-stop-shop for everything you need or everything you might need when managing your workforce and getting the most out of them.

ezClocker allows your employees to clock in from anywhere using their phones, and it enables you to use GPS verification to check out their whereabouts at the time they clocked in so that no employee goes AWOL.

Plus, ezClocker allows you to use it on multiple devices, making it one of the most comprehensive packages. Apart from that, its ability to use real-time task assigning technology to schedule tasks on the go is absolutely breathtaking.


As the name suggests, this particular OKR software focuses on organizing the weekly schedule for your entire team, including:

  • Goals
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Milestones

Using OKR software is empowering for everyone who uses it properly. Plus, it’s a great tool to keep an eye on employee productivity. Weekdone’s versatility allows you to use and implement this software irrespective of the size of your firm. It is available on iOS and Android, so you can expect total mobile support.


ActivTrak is all about tracking the activities of your employees, so you know exactly what is happening within your company and who is doing what exactly.

Not only that, but you can also see which of your employees worked on something for exactly how long. It is particularly beneficial if your organization works on giving hourly pay or if you are hiring freelancers that need to be paid based on the hours they work on your job.

ActivTrak has a free version and paid plan. Of course, you can only get the basic features with a free product, but Premium is the real deal.

Remote Working

Remote working has more businesses using collaboration tools and workflow management software. For meetings Zoom and video conferencing steps into the void left by fewer in-person meetings. Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Google Chat are some of the popular tools.

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