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Enhance Your Corporate Event with Luxury Hire Toilets

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When it comes to promoting your products and services nothing can prove to be more helpful than hosting a corporate event. If it proves to be successful event, chances are that your guests may soon turn into your loyal customers.

Before hosting your corporate event, you should think about factors which could contribute towards its success. In other words, effective planning and execution remain extremely important when it comes to organising a successful event.

You need to plan everything associated with your event at least a few months before, even longer if it’s a huge event, if you want it to go smoothly.

SRP Hire Solutions bring you some of the benefits of hiring luxury hire toilets for your corporate event to really impress your clients.

Luxury Toilet Hire

The arrangement of different types of facilities such as food, accommodation, transportation and portable toilet units remain at the top of your list when organising the event. If you really want to create the ultimate first impression in front of your guests, make sure that you hire luxury toilet units that come with top of the range facilities.

1. High-Quality 2+1 Toilet Trailers

If you’re looking to hire quality toilet trailers you can go for 2+1 Toilet Trailers which come with a urinal along with 2 lady’s toilets and one gent’s toilet. They’re mid-sized luxury trailers wherein each one of them can fulfil the requirements of around 200 people easily.

With excellent internal lighting for easy navigation of the facilities and easy access to the service area for better maintenance. If you’re going out of your way to hire toilets for an event you want to impress at, it’s best to get all the features you can.

2. Stunning 3+1 Toilet Trailers

If you are looking for more advanced toilet units, you can hire a 3 + 1 Toilet Trailer that consists of two unisex recirculating toilets. A specialised mobile luxury unit, the 3 + 1 Toilet Trailer can meet the requirements of up to 100 people.

Bad toilet management can really hamper the image you’re trying to portray to your clients. If the rest of your event comes across well but you’ve skimped out on the toilet facilities, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the customers and could potentially be the tipping point in losing their business.

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