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Business Start Up as a Home Improvement Specialist

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Are you thinking of setting yourself up as a home improvement specialist? Although Brexit has caused major concern for UK businesses, there’s one sector which can actually benefit from the historic vote – start-up businesses. It’s never been a better time to go it alone so if you are considering starting a home improvement business, it’s definitely a good time.

However, that being said, there are still a lot of factors you need to consider before starting up your company. Below, you’ll discover just some of the things you need to take into account.

Is it the right time?

While there are many businesses these days which require very little things to get started, a home improvement company isn’t one of them. You’re going to need a few essential things before you can get started, so financially you need to ensure you’re in a good position.

You also need to ensure you’ve researched all there is to know about the legalities of starting your own business. For example, you’ll need to register yourself as self-employed with the HMRC, and ensure you have adequate insurance in case anything goes wrong.

Finally, you need to ensure you are fully qualified and licensed. The qualifications you’ll need will vary depending upon the area of home improvement you’re getting into. Will you purely be offering a decorative service, or are you planning on doing construction and plumbing too? Having a clear idea of the path you want to take will help you to determine which licenses and qualifications you’ll need to work towards.

Create a business plan and do as much research as possible before you start out.

Making sure you have the right tools

Regardless of which area of home improvement you’re getting into, you’re going to need a few basic tools to get started.

Now, you’ll obviously want to save as much money as possible here, but it’s vital you don’t opt solely for the cheapest tools. While you may save money initially, cheaper tools are going to break much faster than more expensive, higher-quality ones. So, the replacement costs could actually add up to more than they would if you’d bought high quality tools to start with. So, be sure to buy good quality tools from a competitive company such as Travis Perkins.

Overall, there’s a lot to think about before you set up a home improvement business and the above are just a few of the basics. The key thing to keep in mind is that the more research and preparation you do, the more successful you’re likely to become.

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