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Benefit of Using CRM Apps for Your Business

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Small or big, every business needs a systematic customer relationship management (CRM) in place to run effectively and successfully. In day to day office work, it is a tedious task to extract the details of your customers like email id, phone number and address from the inbox. Your team may spend hours to find the necessary information from the inbox. You can simplify the system and make it easy for your employees to maintain the customer’s information by integrating your inbox with a CRM app.

If you are using Gmail for your business then you can opt for Google CRM that helps you to organize Gmail contacts, add a new Gmail contact, save email messages, and manage CRM for Gmail anytime and anywhere. Before the learning the benefits of CRM for Google apps, let’s have a look at the advantages of using CRM in your business.

Advantages of using CRM in your Business

Provide Better Customer Organization

With all information of your customers in one place, your work flow is more organized than the clutter dashboard with sticky notes that you often refer for customer information. CRM is a better way to organize all your customer’s information in a systematic way and also easy to browse whenever required. As you are more organized, the overall productivity also gets improved.

Ensure Better Communication

As the customer’s detail is easily accessible with the CRM in place, you have more opportunity to communicate with your customers. The more you communicate with them, the better you will be able to know them. And once you have a better understanding of your customer’s needs and requirement, you would be able to serve them better by incorporating the services they are seeking.

Ensure Good Customer Service

Suppose a customer faced any issue in any of your product or service, he or she will contact your customer service for rectification. The moment a customer contacts the customer service department, your customer service team can easily track the details of purchase with the help of CRM and can give the immediate assistance to the customer as required. Therefore, the effort to offer assistance to the customer is minimized and the customer service team is able to offer a better help. It is a win win situation for both the customers as well as customer service professional.

Automation of the Tasks

The entire sales process is long and tedious work. It involves a series of smaller task form filling, sending reports, and resolving legal issues which are all a very vital part of sales process. But due to automation of the tasks, the process is simplified and the burden of the workload is reduced from the shoulder of the employees. Therefore, the employees can focus more on other jobs like closing deals and resolving customer’s issues if any.

Easy Coordination among Teams

As all the details of the customers and transactions are stored in one place, pulling the information of any project is easy for the teams. Any team, whether it is sales, marketing or customer service is able to extract important details about a client or project using the CRM system in no time. This reduces the time gap involve in sending emails asking for information from the other teams. Therefore, with the help of CRM system, teams can work together coherently and ensure better productivity than before.

Happy Customers

Satisfied and happy customers drive a successful business. In the competitive business environment, customers are the king. They can make you are break, your destiny is in their hands. So, it is very important to keep them happy and satisfied. And the implementation of CRM in any business just does that. By ensuring better communication, organized data, and improved customer service, both customer and your employees are happy to serve you. Thus, reducing the hassle of searching the new customers and employees.

Now that you know how incorporation of CRM helps to transform your business, let’s us now learn the benefits of using CRM apps in your business.

Benefits of using CRM apps in your Business

Links Gmail

The CRM for Google apps helps to integrate all your emails in one place. It automatically connects your emails to deals, contacts, and activities inside the CRM apps. So, you don’t have to search for the emails or any other information manually as it is all in the one app.

Keep a Track of Meetings

The CRM apps automatically link your Google calendar and keep a track of the meetings, deliverables and deadlines. It also reminds you of the upcoming meeting and tasks through notifications.

Manages Contacts

Managing contacts were never been as easy as it is with CRM apps now. All you Google contacts are automatically get linked to the CRM app easily. You don’t need to any data entry with auto complete, suggested contacts, or bulk imports. Hence, all your contact is easily managed and stored which you can retrieve anytime as and when required.

Links to Google Drive

Storage is a big issue for many organizations. CRM app also takes care of it by linking all your documents and files in Google Drive. So, you all your deals, contacts, emails and processes are integrated with the CRM app. Here the documents can also be easily edited. And you can also save lots of space of your server by storing the documents in the drive.

Maps Usage

With the CRM app in place, you can easily search a customer by distance and track customer’s locations. So, providing customer service to a distant customer is also easy and convenient like never before.

Browse CRM from Mobile

In the age of smartphones, you can do all possible things with your mobile phone from reading your favorite news paper to managing your bank accounts. So, managing CRM from a mobile phone is no different.  Android and iPhone are compatible with mobile CRM app which makes it easy to browse the contacts and emails using CRM apps.

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