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A Few Things You May Not Know About Worker’s Compensation Benefits

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When you are injured on the job, you are not automatically entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. It is important to understand the ins and outs of qualification to make certain that you receive the care you deserve.

Your family may also suffer if you do not follow the proper protocol for reporting a work injury. Take this moment to educate yourself a bit further on this matter. Here are a few things you may not know about worker’s compensation benefits.

Report your injury immediately after it occurs

The window of time allotted for workers to report an injury is different depending on the state in which the injury occurred. It is best to report to your superiors immediately after you are hurt.

There are separate time constraints for reporting injuries that take time to develop. For example, you contracted lung problems from harsh breathing conditions of your work environment. These things take time to develop.

Seek legal counsel for guidance

It is the safest route to seek legal counsel as soon as possible regarding your worker’s compensation claim. A knowledgeable lawyer will help steer you in the right direction when legal lines get hairy.

A worker’s compensation lawyer will also be helpful when it comes to making sure your employer holds up their end of the bargain. Not all employers are 100 percent legit when it comes to claiming liability in an injury case.

Make sure the medical facility keeps through records

When you go to the doctor to be treated for whatever illness or injury has occurred, you should make sure the staff takes a thorough record of your case. You also need to notify the medical facility that you were injured on the job.

The hospital will get the ball rolling on your worker’s compensation case. Also, make sure you have copies of all your medical records. You will need to provide this information for legal purposes.

Document everything

Keep thorough documentation of everything regarding your injury. Get a copy of the injury report from your employer. Keep all paperwork pertaining to finances.

Hospital/doctor visits, aftercare costs, and anything else pertaining to the injury that has cost money is vital to your case. The more proof you have, the better off you will be if there is a dispute in your case.

Understand that big payouts are rare

You should keep in mind that large payouts in worker’s comp cases are rare, and they usually result from a terrible, life-altering accident. Keep your expectations honest, and you will more than likely find satisfaction.

Also, keep it honest. Liars do get caught, and the consequences that will ensue are not worth the possible payout.

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