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Video Opportunities To Help Your Business Grow

It’s important that you take every opportunity that you can in order to help your business grow. If you’ve noticed the increase in the amount of time and energy that businesses spend in the video realm, then that should indicate to you where some of your personal success may lie as well.

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All businesses face the same challenge of finding ways to regularly reach their customer base. Video marketing has proven very successful as users love watching and now also creating and uploading them too. Statista says over 500 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute.

Smartphones have made it easy to produce a video clip, and now there isn’t the need for production teams sites like TikTok have captured the short clip video market. For businesses, video is another marketing channel to reach and engage with customers.

How To Use Video For Business

There are many ways to use video in your business. For example, you can use video short clips of your business in action or video advertising of your products and services. Adding videos to your website for your product releases, training, and support can also be marketing strategies, so your business can engage with its customers.

Plus, you can start your own YouTube channel. Grow your subscribers with interesting and relevant videos. Then if your content is worth it, create an income stream with a subscription model where people sign up to your channel to get access to your regular videos. Or, as a content publisher on Youtube, you could provide them for free and get a share of the video advertising revenue from the adverts that stream during your video clip. Or use native video advertising on your site, or if you’ve got a popular blog, you may get set up as a publisher and use Google’s native video advertising.

Then there are live streams on the various social media platforms. Plus, video chat for meetings will also give your company many opportunities to grab market share.

Video Advertising

Using video advertising for your business is effective; however, it requires more investment. Your videos must be professional, so you may need to hire experts for the filming and production. What video marketing does do is open up a lot more content or variations on the theme that you can use to your competitive advantage.

There is direct response video advertising, where third-party software contracts you to have a completely transparent view of who you are advertising and what interactions occur between a client and server-side web connection. Video advertising works the best when users work their way through the most popular web content.

YouTube Channels

Starting a business YouTube channel is a huge opportunity that you can use concerning current video capabilities.

Whereas early YouTube channels were more personal and creative, some of the major ones now are entirely commercial. Businesses are finding ways to be helpful in the short, searchable video format. It drives customers to their physical locations and establishes an amount of brand trust that was not available before now.

Successful brands on YouTube offer their customers added value content with the hope they have created a trending video. A brand that makes men’s grooming products might create tutorials on grooming one’s hair or beard, a natural way to integrate the product.

While a camera brand might showcase the lifestyle one lives through the lens of its product, helping viewers visualize the adventures they too can go on. Establishing a YouTube channel is a long-term strategy, but you can’t grow without getting started.

Live Streams

And it’s hard to overstate the importance of using live streams for business in today’s social media world. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, and many others now have live stream potential ripe for the picking.

With minimal technology – just basically a modern cell phone – you can have a spectacularly well-produced live stream if you understand some of the essential aspects of lifestream technology and programming.

Face-To-Face Chats

And finally, have you utilized face-to-face chats since the technology became available? Skype has been around for quite some time, but now Facebook has made video chats easier than ever.

As long as someone has an account and is online, you can click a button, and you are automatically face-to-face with the person in question. There is an incredible amount of professional opportunity for this, but it does take a little bit of practice.

You have to utilize the camera and understand what sort of emotions are conveyed through this particular medium. But, after some practice, it gives you a definite advantage when trying to get your message across.