How to Be More Responsible With Waste Management

wasteHow much garbage waste does one person make in a day? In America, the average number is speculated to be around 4 and a half pounds. That sounds like a lot, right?

Now take your business into account, with it’s various customers and employees, and imagine just how much goes into the trash every day. How about every week, month, or year? Every business pays for their waste to be taken away to a place that looks like this.

Tons of thousands of pounds of garbage are piling up into landfills with little concern for recycling or the environment. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Thankfully, there is a new  waste management company aiming to revolutionize the trash industry for businesses seeking a smarter and sustainable alternative.

Talking Trash

When a business, or even the average citizen, pays for waste management they expect just that, actual management of their waste. The truth is that the waste industry is only managing their income. Picking up the trash and moving it elsewhere is not management, that’s just removal.

Managing garbage would mean separating the real trash from the recyclable material. Today’s landfills are unfortunately comprised of 46% recyclable material, all of which could be reused to help create a more sustainable future. It gets worse, though.

Have you considered exactly what your business is paying your current trash removal service for, or why prices keep going up when the service isn’t changing? Without any transparency in the bill, it can be hard to tell. The truth is that you are getting billed twice, once for the pickup and once for them to simply dump the trash at the landfill.

Sadly, there hasn’t been a better option in recent years. That’s where Rubicon comes in.

A Smart Move Forward

Rubicon is not another landfill owning conglomerate. They’re a company that utilizes the latest technology to connect businesses with their independent hauler network. These independent companies bid on your business, which leads to reduced costs on waste management.

While saving cost is a big plus, this network of independent haulers is also made up of companies with a heavy focus on recycling whatever materials they can. Keeping things green is important with the amount of trash being created each day.

Utilizing Technology

The Rubicon app allows you full customization over your waste management with the ability to schedule pickups, get real-time locations on haulers, and see where your trash is really going to see honest results on your recycling efforts.

From the app, users will also be able to stay on top of their billing. Ending the veil of secrecy, any company can view completely transparent bills detailing costs from the past to the present as well as recycling rebates and the revenue they create.

​True Sustainability

​The reports on your businesses’ recycling data allow you to participate in a variety of programs including:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • Global Impact Investing Rating System
  • Global Reporting Initiative
  • LEED

Being green is an integral part of the modern day business. With Rubicon, your business can reach new levels in the world of sustainable waste management.

A New Way to Throw it Away

Rubicon is revolutionizing the waste management system by simply doing what the name suggests, actually managing waste. With a heavy focus on recycling and sustainable practices, your business can be greener than ever. Plus, money is saved by their network of independent haulers as well as recycling incentives.

You can take control over your waste management by tracking haulers, viewing a transparent payment history, and seeing exactly how much of your waste is recycled all within one easy to use app.

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